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Recent content by Canadacan

  1. Canadacan

    Ongoing bottle finds at cannery site need help identifying daily!

    Yes the Left facing came in 6oz and 7oz...the the July pat date is what tells you it from the USA.
  2. Canadacan

    The wonderful bottles of Jamaica Dry

    That I have never researched.
  3. Canadacan

    White Star Bottling Co.

    Actually Mid West Glass 1929-1935 is a Manitoba firm.
  4. Canadacan

    White Star Bottling Co.

    Just recently picked up this one! The White Star Bottling Company, WPG...(Front) from Winnipeg Manitoba. I like this one, it has vertical beads running up to a ring, and Diamonds on both sides, the back reads 'American Drinks' Contents 6 FL OZ. The base has a lone M and a number 7...I'm...
  5. Canadacan

    Rare Vancouver BC Pepsi

    Yes I think it would have been about that time, I never researched ads too closely but 1940 ads show the old style cap and the 1948 ads show the newer style.
  6. Canadacan

    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    Hey awesome finds! Yes you mentioned the NDNR 7up, I may actually be acquiring one with the paper label intact.
  7. Canadacan

    Canadian 26oz Coke NDNR!!!

    Finally got the coveted 26oz NDNR embossed diamond label with bottle!!! It's dated Sept/Oct 1965.....I believe Coke introduce the NDNR in that very year. The stubby 10oz pictured is dated March/April 1966 and was also a short lived version as well having the bottle image. In late 1966 the bottle...
  8. Canadacan

    Copyright infringement?

    Wow that is so interesting!...who knew right? Great job uncovering that mystery Bob! Did any of the soda ACL's use the crest?
  9. Canadacan

    Copyright infringement?

    Looks identical to the Morris J Newman info Bob posted.
  10. Canadacan

    Orange crush American or Canadian bottle

    I highly recommend 'Krinkly' to 'Mae West' by Michael Rosman, a fellow Canadian to boot! You can find his book on ebay. I'm not recommending just because I was a contributor!...well ok maybe a little bit!..lol It is currently the only book on the bottles of Orange Crush available. BTW...the...
  11. Canadacan

    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    As far as I know just the Dominion mark, say @RCO would it be possible to get a photo of the base of your bottle please? So that was my statement, but I meant it in general, those were two states I found ads for that used the 8oz...I'm sure there were more? I also have one marked full 1/2...
  12. Canadacan

    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    Nice both made by Dominion glass, some are marked with Consumers glass logo, another with an M in a circle for Mid West glass company, and most Pat'd have no markings other than mould numbers. And there is another made by an American firm but for Canadian market 6oz, I can't recall the maker...
  13. Canadacan

    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    Yes Canada has the August 1921 dates and the USA has July 1920. The TMRG is the second Canadian bottle to come out, we also had the Pat'd which were the Ward's Crush bottles.
  14. Canadacan

    Found the devil in an abandoned church

    Hey a NDNR!...paper label survived!.... yes very ironic find! :)

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