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  1. Canadacan

    Have you seen a USA bottle like this?

    @RCO ….crazy, it's so close in design!
  2. Canadacan

    Rare Vancouver BC Pepsi

    Just recently I was able to secure this 12oz green straight side Pepsi bottle! It was posted locally and I had my doubts it was authentic, or at least from around here, but it turned out all good! Initially I thought it was the same label as my Starlite from Saskatoon, but upon closer inspection...
  3. Canadacan

    Have you seen a USA bottle like this?

    @RCO Yes that bottle is related to the one I posted, also these bottles were made by both Dominion glass and Consumers glass.
  4. Canadacan

    Have you seen a USA bottle like this?

    I'm trying to confirm if this style bottle was used in the USA or if it was exclusively a Canadian design, or even used by any other Canadian firm. Thanks for any help.
  5. Canadacan

    Like Diet no deposit no return bottle

    Wikipedia has most of the information as mentioned above, but they fail to mention the 'Calorie Reduced' which was for a time also called 'diet'... they kept it confusing!
  6. Canadacan

    O-C Brand by Orange Crush

    Nice!!! there are two or three bottles of mine mentioned in there ;)
  7. Canadacan

    Hire's ACL.

    That's a 6oz right?.....I wonder is we had a 6oz ACL in Canada? That cleaned up nice BTW!
  8. Canadacan

    O-C Brand by Orange Crush

    @bottle-o-pop ….here you go :) https://www.ebay.ca/itm/SALE-ONLY-Book-on-Orange-Crush-Bottles-Evolution-and-History-3rd-ed/301846429459?hash=item464772ff13:g:7g8AAOSwL7VWkYk4
  9. Canadacan

    Hires to Canada!

    RCO yes that is the older style with the Hires inside the blue circle used for most of the 1930's, latter the Hires extended outside the blue...I'm not positive the exact year that took place....maybe 1940 or so.
  10. Canadacan

    8 oz Orange Crush bottle from Canada

    These were made for USA market, States like Ohio, Mississippi, and so on. They are less common . Just like many Canadian bottles were made in the USA, some US bottlers contracted Canadian firms to manufacture bottles for them as well. This is why you see the USA patent date, and the USA...
  11. Canadacan

    Canadian Champion Co Ltd art deco bottle

    Yeah I have at least six bottles in the Kelowna style...all western Canada, and I bet I only have a third of them out there.
  12. Canadacan

    Canadian Champion Co Ltd art deco bottle

    So I checked what I had and they are not the same...only some similarities. I know my Kelowna is generic, the Lions does not match...I can't remember if it was a generic though.
  13. Canadacan

    Hires to Canada!

    Thank you sir!.....Hires was my very first sign I ever got!, I picked this up way back around 1990...it's only a 80's item but I liked right when first I saw it! Forgot to post it! :)
  14. Canadacan

    Canadian Champion Co Ltd art deco bottle

    I have a couple bottles similar from western Canada, but not identical. So hard to say if it was a generic design.
  15. Canadacan

    Hires to Canada!

    Yes that ad is an eastern item. I have tried Hires hard root beer a couple of times, it's definitely different!..I think JD would be a better combo than vodka! :) I'm not sure how Hires would do in todays market with Barq's and Mug out front, and A&W is readily available, then we have Orca...

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