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    Need help to identify various cylindrical bottles

    Here's a picture with a labeled example on the left. These types of pickle bottles are pretty common in dumps of that era, although you seem to have found an unusually high number.
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    my white whale

    Wow, that's stunning! I never knew Pilgrim Bros. had a round-bottom.
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    Any idea what this little thing might be worth???

    I think we've got some similar laws on the books here, but they're the sort of law which is pretty much never actually enforced unless someone is doing something actually serious, like looting an ancient historical site (and even then I doubt the punishment would really be that severe). I've...
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    Dr Jacksons Root and Herb

    Wow, that's a nice one! Not one I've ever heard of. I don't think there are many bottles which are so common that no one asks about them online.
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    Definitely a repro, but at least it's a nice hand-tooled one. Would look good in a window.
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    Greetings from St Louis

    I'm afraid that's not a pontil mark, and it's nowhere near as old as the 1850s. Looks more like the base of an 1890s-ish bottle. I'm not sure what's going on with regard to the city name but they must have still been marking their bottles with Norwich long after 1859.
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    Advice for first permission dig? 1760 home site

    Looks like a Lancers wine bottle from the mid-late 20th century. The trick with these newer surface dumps is to figure out where the oldest section is, although often they don't really have one. In general the best finds from mid-century dumps are non-bottle items, particularly advertising...
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    Greetings from St Louis

    Wow that's earlier than I thought in that case, does it have a pontil on the base? I would expect it to if it's from that era. It's not easy to find embossed bottles from that long ago. They're nowhere near as common as bottles from a few decades later.
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    Greetings from St Louis

    Welcome to the forum! That Osgoode's looks like a good one, not one I'm familiar with but it looks older than the rest. Never heard of the Kopp's either, shame it's got a hole in it. I suspect it was one of those opiate products that killed a lot of babies back in that era (reading about the...
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    Advice Please

    Welcome to the forum! I don't think I put anything in my profile. And I've never looked at anyone else's to see what they put there.
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    Black Opaque Bottle 2: The Thinning (also other bottle finds from my outing)

    The first two bottles look like they're from the same era more or less. It's hard to date those bottles precisely because the manufacturing techniques in the UK, where these were mostly made, were very slow to change compared to in North America. I think that the final one is definitely a...
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    ❤️ Those Round Bottoms!

    Beauty of a find! I love the applied lip on that one, and great thick embossing.
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    It doesn't really look like a fossil to me, I suspect it's just an old bone that's been in the water for a while. Does it feel like stone? I wouldn't expect a fossil to have a cavity in it, I've occasionally found fossils that aren't embedded in rocks but only for round-ish shapes like clams.
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    Any idea what this little thing might be worth???

    If you're asking about value on these ones, I'm afraid it's not much. $5-10 range. They're extremely common in the UK and not too uncommon to find here. If you've got any stoneware marked from the US, especially Texas, that would be of far more interest to collectors. I'm surprised that an...
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    Thought it would be easy picking, after getting hit with a DERECHO.

    Yeah it's too bad you aren't in the area, there's more wood for the taking than anyone knows what to do with. I hate to see how much is going to the dump (or wherever the city sends wood) but there isn't much I can do with it since I don't have a fireplace or do woodworking.

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