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    Black glass insulator

    CD102, the famous diamond pony. Did you find it in the wild or buy it? They're ubiquitous in Canada, not sure if they were used in the States or not. They're common but still fun to collect because they come in all sorts of different colours.
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    my 1st 2 poison bottles

    Those are really nice! I don't remember ever seeing a bilingual poison before.
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    New Orleans drug store

    Wow, I don't know anything about the bottle but it's got fantastic embossing! Unusually large size too. I don't know how much but I'm sure it has some value.
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    Horse's foot base

    It's probably from a soda bottle from a company local to you. There were thousands upon thousands of different soda companies out there so very hard to guess without a name.
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    Synthetic porcelain?????

    Yes, definitely a dental product https://maryfransmuse.weebly.com/dr-treys-synthetic-porcelain.html
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    Anyone know what this is ?

    I've found some pretty similar stoneware jars in a dump full of British food bottles. Not sure what they contained but I'm assuming it was some sort of spread. I'm not sure about it being a crucible because of the groove around the lip, never seen a crucible that had one of those and I've seen...
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    A find l have been holding on to for a while

    Wow, is it still sealed with contents? What's the re-corking date? Do you know the story behind it? If that's actually wine from 1815 that could be a pretty special find. I wonder what the relation is to the Battle of Waterloo.
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    Opossum embossed bottle. Any ideas?

    That's the Gordon's Gin logo. It's a wild boar I think. Never seen an unembossed Gordon's before, not sure what the story is there.
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    Barn Find : unknown Root Beer

    Yeah not sure what to make of that one, the bottle looks a bit newer than the label does. Labels like that would have been used by very small operations, probably backyard bottlers who couldn't afford to have custom labels printed. I'm not totally certain that it's someone's more recent...
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    More railway dump finds including an acl druggist!

    Nice finds! I've always liked ACL druggists, not sure how common they are in the States but generally very hard to find up here.
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    Does anyone have any info on these bottles?

    Oh yeah anything from up that way will have to be fairly uncommon, none of those companies would have used very many bottles. I'm assuming the Alouette is from somewhere in northwestern Quebec, if you hold it up to the light at an angle you can probably see what the missing paint used to say.
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    Does anyone have any info on these bottles?

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I've certainly never heard of Alouette before, and I've never seen the one on the right although I also can't read what it says from the picture. What towns are these from? They definitely aren't common.
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    Railway dump and a short river hunt.

    That's really cool, I love the art deco design!
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    50+ years of privy digging

    Welcome to the forum, those are some beautiful finds! I can only imagine the sort of things that must have been available to find 50 years ago. I don't know much about marbles but I agree that there must be some serious value there, I love the detail on that sulphide marble. And those...
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    Amazing creek find

    Wow that's quite something! I wonder how it ended up in a creek. Does he have any idea of its age? I'm getting a 1930s or 40s feel from it, but I'm definitely no expert.

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