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    ANTON TROPP Milk Bottle

    It's from Chicago, lots of info on Antron Tropp here: Sounds like a pretty small operation, probably not too common a bottle.
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    Bottle info

    E&J Burke was an Irish brewery that bottled Guinness, among other things. Never seen one of their bottles made in the US before though. I thought the Burke bottles were always imported from Ireland.
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    Ginger beer

    That's some great embossing on that one! Quite an unusual shape for a soda of that era as well.
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    Princess Toilet Co. Toronto Ont bottle

    It was probably eau de toilette, in those days called toilet water or Florida water. In those days the word "toilet" had the same connotation as "toiletry" does today, rather than referring to flush toilets. Eau de toilette is a type of medium-strength scent, stronger than true cologne and...
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    So is foreign glass better or something

    Thanks for the kind words! Yeah I'm not leaving, just been busy with things lately.
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    So is foreign glass better or something

    I agree with Harry, I think it's recent enough that they were required to list where the jar was made. Same reason you see "Made in China" printed on everything - the companies wouldn't do that if they didn't have to. I don't think the US ever had that requirement for bottles, so I'm guessing...
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    Information would be appreciated ☺️

    What is it? Is it just a ceramic medallion-type thing? I wonder if it was meant to be inset into something or if it's just meant as a paperweight.
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    Windsor Canada Hutch Bottle. Baby & Hanrahan?

    Nice find! Not one I've seen before although I'm a bit far from Windsor so don't see much from down that way.
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    Elephant Logo on Glass Seal

    Wow that's a great piece of beach glass! I'm thinking it's from a glass seal by the looks of it. I can't find an exact match but there are a couple of possibilities. Melcher's Gin used an elephant as a logo, although I can't find any examples of their bottles with seals. The other is Carl...
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    Unidentified bottle?

    No worries about that at all, there probably are a decent number out there from springs which also had associated resorts/hotels. I quite like the graphics on that Hull Hotels seltzer, it's too bad we don't get more ACL seltzers here (I'm not sure we have any - maybe a couple from Toronto).
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    Unidentified bottle?

    Right sorry, I had misunderstood your question. I don't remember ever seeing a marked seltzer from a hotel. Are those something you get in the US? Strangely, the only example I know of a hotel bottle from North America is actually a transferware ginger beer bottle. I have a hard time...
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    Unidentified bottle?

    Here's an embossed seltzer from the Pittsburgh Seltzer Co: and another from the Rock Creek Ginger Beer Co. in Washington, DC These both seem to be from around the art deco era in the 30s-40s based on their appearances, so after the era of seltzer bottles I'm familiar with. I wonder how many...
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    Unidentified bottle?

    I wonder if there might have been something to do with the manufacture of seltzer bottles that prevented them from being embossed, because as far as I know, out of the hundreds of seltzer bottlers used in Canada, none of them were ever embossed. Large bottlers would often have huge inventories...
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    Unidentified bottle?

    Nice find! We get a lot of liquor bottles like this in Canada that were imported from the UK, generally they date to around the turn of the 20th century, give or take a couple decades. The etching is interesting, it could be someone's recent craft project but I think I've seen similar etching...
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    Found in my basement.

    I'd guess 1920s-ish, give or take a decade. Someone more familiar with the US date codes may be able to narrow it down.

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