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  1. Clare


    I love the large one with all the detail on it. What a find!
  2. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    That's very good advice.
  3. Clare

    MEDICINE bottle in box from Great grandfather store

    *takes a bow* Trust me, once I'm down that rabbit hole, I'm going right to the very end lol. I couldn't find out anything about the Com Club though, but I'm guessing it was probably some form of gentlemen's club.
  4. Clare

    MEDICINE bottle in box from Great grandfather store

    Just because I find all this sort of thing fascinating... the son passed away in 2008 at the age of 80 and he had a pretty incredible life. What a huge difference between the two generations!
  5. Clare

    MEDICINE bottle in box from Great grandfather store

    Ok, so you have the info on the box as to what the medicine was and what it "cured", so here is a little info about the druggist that sold it and some cool photos of the store! I give you Mr. Alvin M. Hitt... Hitt was born in 1884, in Georgia USA; although sources give his date of birth as...
  6. Clare

    Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon

    I prefer the aqua one myself to be honest. It has more character to it I think. Re. the Strychnine... I may have got my wires crossed here! I ended up falling into a rabbit hole whilst researching the Ipecac in this product and it led me to Nux-Vomica (which you can easily buy on Amazon!)...
  7. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    I agree. I didn't see much value in at least two of them and they didn't call to me lol
  8. Clare

    Langdale's Essence of Cinnamon

    I have recently acquired my second, and much earlier, Langdale's Concentrated Medical Essence of Cinnamon. I love this bottle. It has so many bubbles and imperfections; including the indent in the seam where my thumb is in the 3rd photo, which can be seen both on the inside and outside of the...
  9. Clare

    What could it be?

    I've tried absolutely everything, but it will not open. I will be careful if it ever does.
  10. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    No sadly, it went over £25 so I gave up.
  11. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    Thank you, it's only the hobnail one I want tbh.
  12. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    I collect 'patent medicine' bottles mainly, but I do like the poison bottles. They're pretty common though, so I only want the rarer ones.
  13. Clare

    Worth bidding?? HELP!

    I'm bidding on these bottles on Ebay and want some advice. How rare (or not!) is the large poison bottle? I want to know whether to continue fighting to win it? I have 7hrs until bidding closes.
  14. Clare

    Chameleon Oil

    Thank you. I did find an ad after I posted this, but a different one
  15. Clare


    Great info, thank you very much

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