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Recent content by coreya

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    Can fruit jars (glass) be an investment???

    I have over 800 mason jars that I've collected over the years along with a couple hundred various old medicine, liquor etc These were collected because I enjoyed the history and stories behind them and not primarily for the value (even though some are up there). When I go they will be someone...
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    There are so many variations of some of these jars that it would be near impossible to catalog every one (would need a book the size of the old table dictionary's and then some) You might check this Ball site Ball jar collectors There is not a lot of activity but loads of info there.
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    Info an Value on amethyst hero jar

    Would have to see better pics of the jar against a neutral background perhaps next to another jar for comparison. The amber swirling is very common on these older jars as the glass batch in the furnaces would not be completely cleaned out from one run to the next so there was some mixing of...
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    Mason jar

    I've got 5 sitting on one of my shelfs in various color hues and in the red book there are 21 different color variations along with 4 different sizes for each and 2 different Type listings for this series of jar. Considering they were made in the millions there are always "unknown" popping up.
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    Mason jar

    The Red book is one of the most complete references on mason jars redbookjars.com that is reasonably priced.
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    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    I have 100's of mason jars and old bottles and on and on which will probably end up going to the dump or recycle as the majority of younger generation are having trouble moving out of mom & dads house let alone being interested in something other than twitter, facebook etc etc. But I enjoyed the...
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    Mason jar

    The jars a nice Masons CFJco jar from somewhere around 1900 worth 4-6 bucks according to the Red Book.
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    1976 Anchor Hocking Pint Bicentennial Jar, still full!

    soak in hot water than tap the edge of the lid on the floor or other hard surface, or you can spray some wd-40 in the lid while upside down and let sit than do above.
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    Another jar question

    The jar is a modern (after 1970's) canning / product jar.
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    LK makers mark (in a six pointed star) on bottom.

    any chance of a pic of the whole thing?
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    Another jar question

    .15 cents at a garage sale
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    Vintage Canning Jars

    The Red Book of fruit jars has most of what you want to know, that and lots of trial and error, or you can just ask here! Welcome red book
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    Modified R.C. Cola bottle?

    bottle thats been stretched and modified from original, was popular in the 80's - 90's if I recall
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    Mason Jar Lid

    The glass inserts are out there but the zinc screw band closure in decent shape are harder to find. Used on jars listed in the Red Book #1244 and 1246
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    Midget jars

    Perhaps a photo will help,

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