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    Odd ball jar

    looks like a #272-5 in the red book circa 1913-22
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    Yellow Amber Mason's Midget Pint Fruit Jar Sells for $5,960.00

    There was some spirited bidding on that one! Started at 24 bucks!!!!!!o_Oo_Oo_O
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    Great Bear springs 5 gallon carboy

    Red Matthews passed away quite a few years ago, This thread was from 2009.
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    A Fantasy bottle rather than a reproduction ( never were production originals used ). Could be Clevenger or Wheaton. Have seen it before but cant remember where.
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    Is this a old jam Jar?

    size would help, any markings? looks english perhaps jam or other condiments.
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    Bottles turning purple?

    most of the irradiated glass comes out of meat processing plants where its easy to run a bin thru the sterilization process (they use low dose radiation to sterilize the meat)
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    Tall hand blown bottle

    would have had a wicker covering around the bottom section, 0 value to collectors but who knows what someone who likes it would pay?
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    Russian Caviar bottle?

    wine or spirits would be my guess, a pic of the label would help
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    Crock jar with a different closer

    Are there any writing on the base of the jar or lid? looks like a weir canning jar but curious about the lid.
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    is it a ground lip? sorry eyes are going & could not tell from photos. could be a #1642. fairly common jar 10-20
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    Ball made, looks like a #1648-5 in the red book
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    Golden Harvest Mason and Liberty Bell Jar

    could you post pictures of the jars? front, back & bottom if possible
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    Economy jar

    made sometimes between 1904 and 1912. The purple color will darken slightly if left in the sun for a long long time or you can nuke it (not recommended) under high radiation and it will be a dark purple and considered Fake or altered.
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    Can You ID this Lid's Maker?

    thats a trademark lightning lid and fits jars #1489 - 1502 in the red book.
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    Mason Jar Ident help

    Looks kinda like a #1927 in the red book but need more info, is it ground lip? what size? Doesn't look like a repo but need a pic of the lip. The marks on the base are mold marks used to ID which mold the jar came out of. Age could be anywhere from late 1890's to 1910 ish

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