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    Cross bottle mark on bottom of 1858 patent mason jar

    From the pictures it looks like a # 1784 in the red book but better pics would help. The cross is a mold mark used to id which mold the jar came from in the factory. Nice find either way
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    Mason Hero cross with 503 on bottom

    #1939 in Red Book 4-6 give or take. should be a ground lip
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    Mason N with 29 on bottom

    that looks like a # 2007 in the Red Book 8 - 10 give or take for the quart. The 29 on base is a mold mark used to id the mold it came from for "quality control"
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    Mason 8, 9, 2 with O on bottom

    There are numerous numerous variations of the mason's with a number in the Red Book ranging from # 2029 to 2068 ( 2, 8 & 9 ) all of which with the exception of rare embossing are 10 - 15 give or take. The O on the bottom is a valve mark left by the machine on which it was made. You did not...
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    Ball Perfect Mason with # under Mason??

    Are there ribs on the side of the ball mason jar is it a pint, what does the top look like? Thats an odd one to be sure! I will keep looking
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    Is this a fake Mason, bottom mark looks like modern font.

    nice jar, kind of hard to tell from the photos but looks like a # 1784 in the Red Book.
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    A beauty for sure. The jar bug will now consume you LOL
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    "THE Mason"???

    Nice jar, It's a # 1651 in the red book. circa 1907 - 1909 maker Mason fruit jar & bottle co. Coffeyville Kansas (per "the fruit jar works vol 1)
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    Odd jar lid identification.

    This lid was from a fruit or canning jar that used a yolk & clamp style closure. I've looked at a bunch of different ones but haven't found one with a square indent. Shame you didnt find the jar!
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    Drey canning jar

    Schram Glass mfg ( which had the drey name ) was purchased by ball in 1925 and all thats shown in "the fruit jar works" is that the maker could have been schram or ball but with the offset addition of "perfect" would figure it was early ball acquisition as drey was their economy line and would...
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    Whitehouse Vinegar Jar

    listed in the red book as 2962-1 and 26 oz smooth lip glass insert & screw band. Nice find
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    Drey canning jar

    I checked all of my dreys and all of them have variations of those marks, would assume them to be Mold Marks placed in the thread area rather than on the base.
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    Drey canning jar

    Looks like a # 843 in the red book 12. 1/2 gal listed as 4-6. I believe it's Ball made
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    Antique bottles at online goodwill

    I used to find some good stuff on the goodwill site a long time ago but since it became very corporate and well know the prices tend to the very high side.
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    Lafayette Jar

    Looks like a # 1452 in the red book, shame you dont have the correct closure. For the pint size its listed at 300 +

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