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Recent content by coreya

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    Help identifying old Mason jar

    No idea in any of my referances as to years made, value per the red book with correct lid and band 50-75. Again no idea what the c stands for. :)
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    Help identifying old Mason jar

    That looks like a #1708 in the red book that someone put the wrong type of closure on, should have a zinc band and glass lid. Nice find :) :) As an additional, made by Hazel glass co. washington pennsylvania
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    looks like whats left of a Nash's prepared mustard jar also called a lucky joe bank, see pat des 112,688 from the mid 30's
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    Help Valuing a Few Vintage Fruit Jars (Root, CFJ, Ball)

    the blue one is a #1920 in the red book and a great jar, the second could be a #2510-1 listed at 25-35 in the book. The third if its a pint looks like a # 1103 but hard to tell the color from the pics anywhere from 15-60 depending
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    Help identify and locate

    The Red Book is one of the major references for fruit / canning jars. These jars according to the book "came in a box of 12, each box had one plastic screw-on cap with spout and attached tiny cover for spout" most likely for juice or some such. Juice decanter is what was on the box :D :D:D There...
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    Help identify and locate

    191-5 in the red book, late 70's early 80's 26 oz with plastic screw on cap if it has 12 panels
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    Ok Jar a gurus its most likely a simple answer but my first time finding what i think is a slick a Green Ball Jar lol

    could have been made by any number of glass houses as a packer jar. Not a ball jar as far as I know. Interesting shape though.
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    Ok we are on a roll how about this mystery item ??

    Perhaps a muddler, for crushing mint leaves in rum
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    How do you tell if these are real or fake

    looks like a real blank screen! need some pics;);)
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    What is the most valuable bottle that you own or have sold?

    10-15 years ago got this jewel at an estate sale (under 5 bucks) is rare variant. GENERAL DESCRIPTION Quart, smooth base, applied sloping double collar, this is the V-17A (Don Tucker's classification)variant, where the earth the Squaw is standing on extends BEYOND the oval. and is rated SCARCE ...
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    Drey Perfect Mason

    what jarsnstuff said! :D :D
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    Ball jars are One of my favorite things to dig Up dint know why lol!!

    Ball jars are what started it all, one of 7 shelf units! :D :D :D o_O
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    question on possible value ?

    Sorry my old eyes cant see that small of a picture, the first 3 look pretty common but would have to see better larger pics to tell.
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    Real or fake?

    reproduction = copy of an existing past produced item. Fantasy = an item which may bear a resemblance but does not exactly copy an item. Wheaton made a bunch of Fantasy bottles! :) :) :)
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    What's your poison?

    I used to drink like a fish back in the day, scotch was my poison but today i will once every couple months has a shot of good sipping rum!o_Oo_O

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