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    Warners Safe Kidney & Liver Cure

    This site has an area here Jars General discussion but there are many sites just or more devoted to them. They are a very popular study.
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    found a small 50's era dump today

    CB: "Your pictures don't seem to be working, I'm curious to see the North Bay bottle." That may explain it but what do I know from nothing.
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    Testing The Water

    Welcome aboard! I haven't been over to the UK, AU sites in quite awhile. Hell I'm not on here all that often anymore. Health and things other bottles preoccupy my time as of late.
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    pre 1866 embossed mustard bottles

    Moved to proper category.
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    Dr. Caldwell's w/ label and contents.

    Of all the things about TB, I never thought of constipation.
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    Sheet metal dump!

    When I worked for natural resources there was a call about a lot of broken glass down a river bank. It didn't take long to figure out that some greenhouses were once nearby and it all got thrown off the hill.There was now way I was cleaning it all up, it was just a 3 month gig.
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    Hutch rescued from foundation dig

    Nice indeed. I love monograms like that.
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    just me or does it seems rather quiet so far this year ?

    I'm more of a passive collector now-a-days but I did break down and get the Poison Bottle Workbook Vol. 1 & 2 by Kuhn, the new Bitters Bottles by Ring & Ham., American Breweries II by Wieren and about ½ dozen others books over the winter. I also got back on two wheels after a 25 year absence. ;).
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    John G. Epping Bottles

    2+ years and still going. I was thinking of making sticky with all the great postings but there hardly seams a reason. :)
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    In search of PATERSON NEW JERSEY bottles

    Hi Donnalee, try posting in Milk & Dairy bottles and include a picture. I think what I hearing is it's a quart, pyroglaze, cream top but a picture would help.
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    ties my smallest embossed bottle

    Nice tiny Jason! Mines fairly common and a bit larger in height but a little wordier with front and back.. ;) Compliments of Melinda years ago. 1 5/8" hoods pills.
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    Ink well maybe?

    It looks like a perfume, maybe the bottom of an atomizer, the finish looks factory to me. There's really not much value so offer it over to your sis-inlaw as a nice gift is my thinking.
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    Resources for Soda Bottles? 1920-1080?

    Base marks aren't all of it. Sometimes the lip area as Glenshaw or the heel for some others can help. Sometimes all you have is the maker mark changes or brand logo changes that can help narrow it down and sometimes there's really no way to know at all. Good luck and happy collecting.
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    So sad, I just lost my father.

    So young, sorry for your loss. My mom passed at 60 but my dad just passed at 87 in August. I could tell stories and such like it's will get easier but I'll let you grieve naturally. You need to do that first I think. Take care, Eric

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