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    Mountain Dew "Redhead" (Red paint) bottle info

    yea i bought that one. Also bought the white dot Charlie and Bill
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    Mountain Dew "Redhead" (Red paint) bottle info

    So I guess its just a pre 64 bottle......
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    Mountain Dew "Redhead" (Red paint) bottle info

    Does anyone have any info on a bottle that says on its back label "Mountain Dew Is Good" and the hillbilly on the neck is red paint instead of the normal white? If this has been covered please forgive me.
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    value of Mountain Dew Duraglas gallon jug

    i cant post a dang picture of it on the forum
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    value of Mountain Dew Duraglas gallon jug

    img%5D found it on ebay for a price i could afford. just wondering if anyone has any input on its possible value or rarity
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    Lime-Cola Bottles

    i saw a lime cola today that was the embossed bottle akin to a 1930s DR Pepper. It was chipped so I passed on it
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    New to the forum

    Hey guys I dont know if this is the right place or not but Im an avid bottle hunter. i love Mountain Dew, Royal Crown Cola, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper....all the southern stuff. I just posted my first album with all my current stuff. I hope to grow it with help. Feel free to stop by and comment.
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    The Try-Me Company

    Ive got a Birmingham ALA Try me 9oz
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    my small but growing Mountain Dew collection
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    My small but growing Royal Crown collection

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