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  1. CreekWalker

    Whiskey Jug ID

    Good luck with the search.
  2. CreekWalker


    Thanks. Lots of good memories going on those creek walks. Have a good week.
  3. CreekWalker


    Thanks Leon. I have always appreciated your help on here.
  4. CreekWalker

    Whiskey Jug ID

    I have a similar problem finding information about local whiskey jugs. They’re pretty much nonexistent online and sales are only once every five years to a decade on ebay and other venues. So I look up the distillery or the saloon, It’s associated with as much information as I can. Good luck...
  5. CreekWalker


    Thanks for the inquiry. Please post a photo of the bottle front showing the slug plate for the TN hutch collectors. The bottle is on website , it is also in 2 bottle value or price guide books from the 1980's covering southeast US bottles written by a Brownsville bottle digger now...
  6. CreekWalker

    1890's Blob Tops, Pictorial Beers, etc. (March 15th 2023)

    Great finds and embossing at its best.
  7. CreekWalker

    Hello - Alabama milk bottle wanted

    The local antique malls may possibly have one. A dealer of local bottles in the mall, also, may be able to obtain one. Lastly the farm inself should have a dump with the dairy bottles, discarded after their useful life. A thorough search around the grounds, and then probing the area found...
  8. CreekWalker

    Walking an old farm road and finding the bottles the easy way!

    Those are nice, and great finds. Stay safe, lots of danger in digging, but great rewards too!
  9. CreekWalker

    large Tennessee Pepsi auction starts June 23

    Another online auction coming in September. This is another group from the Shaw collection, which is massive and has many brands, and types in advertising collectibles ...
  10. CreekWalker

    H.W. Reid Soda Water Bottle - Parry Sound Ontario

    Well written, great post on this rare bottle. Love that cap, nice to see one, that old , that's not crusty with rust.
  11. CreekWalker

    large Tennessee Pepsi auction starts June 23

    One of our local long time , bottle collectors, picker, and county historian , has passed away. Lynn Shaw had an interests in many local items, Whistle, Nehi, Rainbow Beverages, Jitney, Bert Smith Hutches, and Pepsi. His extensive Pepsi collection is upcoming, starting June 23. Here is the link...
  12. CreekWalker

    New Bottle show finds

    Gotta love those, I do!, Great buys.
  13. CreekWalker

    Picked these up Today at Michigan Bottle Show.

    Those are very nice! Love the hutch.
  14. CreekWalker

    Amber or Brown Quart slug plate Memphis Dairy Tenn Pure Milk Union St.

    Some were embossed. This dairy , also had a clear pyroglazed. The colored ones , were made before 1915+ or minus a couple years. Wish I knew how many in the state survived, and Where they are!

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