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    1880's violin scroll flask? Salem oak / Jersey devil.

    I am actually local. North Jersey guy my whole life. Just bought a beach house in LBI. Agreed everyone calls it Jersey Devil NOW. my point to Robby was before 1900 it wasn’t really known as Jersey devil so having that name and image on a flask from late 1800s would have been odd. As you and the...
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    My first display

    very nice
  3. C

    what is it

    I'm thinking insect trap of some kind. Looks a lot like today's japanese beetle traps, only attached to a mason jar! The yellow color attracts them, wasps too. so perhaps an old wasp trap, the jar filled with sweet liquid??
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    found a small 30's era dump in the woods

    That catsup is cool. Looks like a lot of food jars. Any milk bottles or mason jars??
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    New guy with new guy questions

    Nice finds. Take some pics of the milk bottle base. What numbers, letters are around the heel and on base. Looks like it says Erington? Dairy. Google is your friend to research. Might be as early as 20’s or 30’s.
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    Unmarked poison?

    Thanks PoisonsRUs and TGF. I'm not "Bawl"ing that it wasn't a poison, clearly wasn't very old, but I do like anything cobalt. Now that the ground is thawed I can continue searching for an actual poison bottle among the multitude of early 20th century food, medicine, slicks etc bottles...
  7. C

    1880's violin scroll flask? Salem oak / Jersey devil.

    Robby - cool bottle regardless. The only angle I can help you with a bit is the jersey devil angle. I'm actually down near where this legend was born this weekend opening up our shore house in LBI, which as you know is right next to the pine barrens where the "Leeds Devil" (aka Jersey Devil)...
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    Eastern bottling co. Plainfield, N.J.

    Nice Bottle - I dug a broken one of these very similar to yours, same monogram, mine says "not to be sold" under the embossing, and the embossed area is smaller. Has a single letter "J" on the base as the only mark, no idea on bottle mfg.
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    Gail Borden

    I checked the two Borden’s I have. A quart and a squat condensed milk pint. Same ribbed design as yours, same large B on bottom. Both have no date but an L52 heel mark for Lamb glass. But no eagle, only block letter embossing. Looking online the eagle designs like yours all seem to be from the...
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    Gail Borden

    Nice - I have a couple Bordens that are somewhat similar but heavily damaged. REgarding the mark. Is there an mTc along the heel, or a number on the heel. The B as you know is the large bottle sorting code indicating Bordens, the E inside it looks like the "E" code I have seen on many Thatcher...
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    In the mud today...

    Nice finds. Same kinda stuff I find. BTW - Are those barnacles attached to some of the bottles???
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    Can anyone identify this mark?

    Def looks like a Gordon’s gin “boar” mark I have several and many are crazy looking. This one is my favorite. Second one is cool too, from a later bottle, 1949. Final one is only a base, but another variation
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    First "B" insulator.......

    Thanks! I’m certain there are more. It was on a old knocked down telegraph pole. Problem is it’s an active commuter line so.....
  14. C

    First "B" insulator.......

    Nice. Does anyone know if this the same style? My first one found, broken of course. Is this considered a “beehive” insulator. Has a backward 10 on top which I guess is the shop. What is the cd number, my guess was a cd143 or cd145. Any Insulator info is appreciated

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