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Recent content by dab46

  1. D

    Iron pontils

    I have all the same problems plus I can't spell or type.
  2. D

    Iron pontils

    just finished doing one, used rubber ball, worked great!
  3. D

    A great start to the new year! Blown beers, stoneware, a needed pharmacy and much more

    I like the style of the embossing on the beer bottle.
  4. D

    1870's/80's dump dig

    nice finds , also lucky it"s not cracked or broke with mouth facing up. In a shallow dump could fill with water and freeze.
  5. D

    jug from ?

    I picked up this jug over 20 years ago in northeastern Minnesota. I have checked with someone who is a Chicago historian, said its not from Chicago. It is stenciled. H.JACOBSON / LIQUOR HOUSE / 1520-1522 / MICHIGAN AVENUE / TEL. WALNUT 3127
  6. D

    Zero, Arctic and Pelissier WINNIPEG, MB bottles

    I have some winnipeg bottles I have picked up coming to canada. send me a Email with phone #. I am coming up to visit relatives 1st week of sept. dickboosted@centurytel.net
  7. D

    I’m hoping this is pre-prohibition. Any info greatly appreciated

    I was told years ago that any liquor bottle embossed with federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle is after prohibition.
  8. D

    I like colored bottles

    love the eaton bottle . would you consider trading or selling, are you from watertown. dab46

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