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    Awesome Railroad finds!

    You have a CD 145 BROOKFIELD, a CD 162 HEMINGRAY, and a CD 133 BROOKFIELD. The May 2nd 1893 patent on the Hemingray is for the drip points. The CD 133 is most likely the oldest of the 3 insulators. They are all about 100 years old or a bit more.
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    Fun Dives Finds

    There is a nice CD 143 DWIGHT PATTERN and a CD 152 HEMINGRAY with sharp drip points. The DWIGHT is Canadian, the HEMI is American. Both are about 100 years old. Thanks for the post.
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    On to the next bottle/insulator

    I have every insulator in my collection on display. My home office allows me to see them all the time. And I actually do enjoy them all the time. Having them in a space I use and enjoy helps a lot. This is a typical back-lit display cabinet.
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    New to insulators

    These are fairly common. I would try to sell all of them to an antique dealer for $1 or $2 each. Or set up at a flea market and put $5 on them then if anyone looks at them, offer the whole table for cheap. There are many companies that make insulator lights. I used to send them boxes of...
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    Garage sale insulators

    The light source is 5000K (KELVIN) fluorescent lights. They come in LED now. The lights are back about 6" or 8" and spaced about 6" apart. The back panel is a translucent plastic "White Sign Panel" which is very common in the sign industry and also pretty cheap to buy. If you get hot spots...
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    New to insulators

    Nice find. What you have are a bunch of CD 154 Hemingrays in Aqua, Hemi blue and clear; CD 154 & CD 155 Whitall Tatums in aqua and clear; and at least one CD 128 Pyrex or Hemi in clear. Most of these are pretty common and were used along railroads. Clean them up and back light them and they...
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    Garage sale insulators

    Sure I can. I have collected insulators for 53 years now. You have a bunch of pony insulators. From left to right $ retail assume VNM: 102 Brookfield $2, 101 Brook $30, 102 Canadian Diamond $5, 102 Brook SDP $10, 102 Brook SDP $10, 102 Brook $2, 102 Can Purple $40, 102 Can $2, 106 Hemi $2...
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    Thinning out the Collection

    Do you have any Insualtors?
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    rive walk 2 was awsome

    Really Cool! Thanks for sharing. If you ever find Ashtabula stuff I am interested. Especially the elusive, red lettered,porcelain, Ashtabula, Fargo Ginger Beer bottle. LOL
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    All nice color pieces!!!!
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    The 3 above are a CD154 WHITALL TATUM in purple; $35, a CD145 B in green $20; and a CD145 HEMINGRAY 21 in either blue aqua or HEMI blue, $10 to $20. Take care
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    IF you have any questions, feel free to ask. that is a CD234 in nice carnival glass. Books for about $50. NIce piece.
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    Odd Insulator, need help with ID.

    That is a CD 120 PATENT - DEC. 19 1871 in light aqua or light green. It is a HEMINGRAY product made in the late 1800s. I am not sure of the EIN number but as a general statement these would book at about $10 to $75 depending on the actual color and condition. They are what we call PONIES in...
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    Yes the CD126 is one of the first threaded insulators that come in some rare colors. Yes there is a dark red amber and even a purple Brookfield 126 as well. And yes again, you are correct again; these are harder to find than most threadless insulators.

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