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Recent content by dave092162

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    Kensington Glass works G-II-43 Eagle / Cornucopia half pint flask

    I have one EXACTLY like the one pictured here. Any idea of how rare it is / fair value ?
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Dave fr Chesco, Pa to Ron :flag:Ron, Just saw you message from the 13th after calling off my O.T. 3rd shift job down towards You in Concordville due to this unexpected snow storm we just got hit with this afternoon. I was all set to go in tonite at 8:30pm for some 3rd shift overtime work / pay...
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    Ron, Just wanted to let You know that it was my pleasure to meet You yesterday at Granite Run and place theRiverview Farms One Quart Clear Milk in your collection. As I'm sure your well aware, it's always really cool tomeet a fellow collector of quality and class, especially when You can help...
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    Antique Bottles & Glass Collector 2014 writers contest. 1st place

    Rick: Congratulations on your recent win. Love your website also !!! (recently joined)
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    Delaware County Pennsylvania Milks

    In response to rfellmanjr: I have a One Quart, Clear glass Milk embossed with RIVERVIEW FARMPURE GUERNSEY MILK from SWARTHMORE, PA that I found while PENDOT was doing the reroutingof US Route 52 here in Pennsbury Twnshp. on behalf of Longwoods back at the end of 2011. If yourinterested, let me...
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    what do we know about Iron Pontil marks

    Re: RE: what do we know about Iron Pontil marks [;)] Greetings from West Chester PA and Best Wishes to all my fellow collectors !!! Great Site here and glad to be a member.

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