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    THANK YOU! This makes perfect sense. I have wondered how it could be possible to have all the many molds being used at a glass company all "neatly" changed over (in a short period of time) for the next year!
  2. DavidW

    Bottle info

    Just a tiny clarification - The glass bottle was made BY Owens-Illinois Glass Company FOR the E & J Burke company- who brewed the beer and bottled it.
  3. DavidW

    5-gallon bottle marked with a conjoined WP; 1954 --

    There is very little info on that spring water company online, but I did find a brief reference that shows the company was formed, or filed papers in 1954. The "54" on the base is too coincidental, so yes, almost certainly is the date code for the year the bottle mold (and the bottle) was made...
  4. DavidW


    Hi "2dogs2people", I don't have much meaningful info to offer, but as I am always interested in date code markings, it is my assumption that two of the soda bottles (one is green, the other one is clear- in your first batch of 10 pictures) have a date code for 1981 on the bottoms (81). One of...
  5. DavidW

    1880-1890 bottle

    Hi Megan, I am having trouble reading the embossed lettering on the bottle in your photos, but it looks like its from Long Island City, New York? Could you please type out all the wording you can see on the bottle and include in your posts? If you include the embossing on the bottle in your...
  6. DavidW

    Hiram Walker King of Clubs Whiskey

    Thanks for the base pictures! OK, I hope I don't inject too much confusion here, but in the case of that flask I have doubts that the "56" is a date code. It seems that on some liquor bottles with a "Rectifier Number" (R-number) on the bottom, the arrangement of codes can be "thrown off" from...
  7. DavidW

    Hiram Walker King of Clubs Whiskey

    Hey Royal Ruby, can you post a picture (as clear as possible) of the base markings. I was wondering if we could figure out the approximate year that bottle was made.
  8. DavidW

    Manufacturing defect AB connected bottle?

    I think RobbyBobby64 is referring to the AB-connected variants (that look to be British made) at the very bottom of this page: I haven't seen a bottle with an "S" instead of an "X". Or is that a 5?? I can add that mold to...
  9. DavidW

    I'm thinking this is some sort of modern reproduction mason jar.

    Well, actually I would tend to agree that modern bottles and jars are usually boring and they all look alike, BUT many modern bottles (but not all) have year date codes on them - if you know where to look and how to read them. Especially soda and beer bottles.
  10. DavidW

    Knox Glass Co. Jackson MS

    The "57" is a date code for 1957.
  11. DavidW

    Broken bottles worth keeping, selling, donating, chucking

    I can certainly understand keeping broken / damaged bottles. In some cases, not all. Anyone who is interested in serious research about specific glass companies/factories and their output can understand this (the average run-of-the-mill collector may not). Some of the most important and...
  12. DavidW

    Is This A Fake/Altered Insulator?

    Hi Dario, um, that's not a GOOD insulator. It's a W F G. CO. Not the same thing.
  13. DavidW

    I'm thinking this is some sort of modern reproduction mason jar.

    OK, I'm back with an update to my post yesterday. Matt B, I believe your jar is listed in the newer editions of the Redbook as jar #253. (Formerly jar #305). However, the entry has a mistake - it states "dropped a" which is not correct, that jar has an "undropped a". The "dropped a"...
  14. DavidW

    I'm thinking this is some sort of modern reproduction mason jar.

    Well, a lot of the older jars (from many glass companies) are actually in very light shades of aqua. Not to split hairs but your jar would probably be classed as "light aqua", "pale aqua" or "ice aqua". Not really "clear". I assume it has a ground lip. Can you post a picture of the lip ...

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