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    10 Ounce Highland Dairy Bottle, West Springfield, MA

    Looks great, but you need to find the “Ravosa” bottle from Springfield for me.
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    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    An amazing find and story to go with the it. I love New York !!!!
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    Half Pint Bissell's Dairy

    Great bottle. Keep digging and find me a “Ravosa” bottle from Springfield.
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    NASRALLAH BROS. {Jacksonville, Fla}

    Definitely a great looking bottle. Thanks for sharing.
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    Zitz bottle?

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    Bob-O-Lea Dairy

    This is great!
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    Super rare local milks!

    How’d the second run go?
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    1934 Leighty Milk Bottle (Connellsville)

    Nice one. Where did you find it?
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    Last bottle aquired in 2021. Peacock blue?!!!!

    Great find (and a great town)!
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    Speed Kills, Milk Bottle.

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing Peter.
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    Nice bottle - great condition. And great that you have the memories. How do you know it’s a ‘33?
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    Search for family bottles

    Wanted: “Ravosa” milk bottles/caps from Springfield, MA (pyro or embossed, any size). If you have any or know where I might find any, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Burns (Detective Agency)

    I got this bottle from a collector in upstate NY last week. While I definitely have some research to do on it, I believe it’s from the farm of William J. Burns (the owner of the Burns International Detective Agecy that was headquartered in Briarcliff, NY (a NYC suburb) in the early/mid-1900s)...
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    Arizona milks

    Try Peter Blieberg, who runs the NAMBC. If there is someone out there to talk to, he’ll know it.
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    2 new Michigan Milks.

    Agreed. Those are great bottles!

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