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Recent content by deenodean

  1. D

    Help with Ball Product/Packer Jars

    Nice. The gallon jar is recycle, the Ball is a keeper..
  2. D

    Jar Show yesterday in Albany, New York....

    Nice. Thx for sharing.
  3. D

    Newfoundland harbours littered with trash and bottles

    yes I saw the article too, it’s disgusting. However Andy, I have to disagree that this garbage is coming from hurricanes. This stuff comes from people who are too lazy to take their trash to the proper land fill , to their curb during heavy garbage pickup day or recycling facility. There is so...
  4. D

    Picked up this nice pint.

    Thx guys...Tammy, I mite just check out Dave's prices..
  5. D

    Jar Mail

    Thx Jim..
  6. D

    Jar Mail

    Thx nhpharm for your input.. it's a solid lid , however delicate due to its age...
  7. D

    Jar Mail

    Got this qt MASON today, it came with a Trademark SMSCo Always Reliable cap. Anyone know how to clean the letters ? Thx.
  8. D

    Crown jars need info

    Hello, welcome. You have 6 Very common Canadian Crowns, made by the Dominion Glass Co. The age of the undated ones would be the same as the dated ones.
  9. D

    My parents jar collection. Need help!

    Hey Longbow, I got your email, thx..check your junk mail for my reply.
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    My parents jar collection. Need help!

    Hey Longbow, sorry but I never received your email. Please Try again at deenodean@hotmail.com thx

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