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  1. DeepSeaDan

    More Finds...

    More glass from the past: "Whistle" soda ( Pat'd 1926 ), J & A McKechnie Canandaigua Beer ( MM from N.Y. ), a nice old black glass beer, clay pipe bowl, 3 in 1 oil and some more river glassware! Gotta luv the summertime hunt!
  2. DeepSeaDan

    ❤️ Those Round Bottoms!

    Indeed, those Belfast RB's have nice raised lettering & heavy, thick glass. Most of the ones I've found are un-embossed, but I have 3 now that are embossed: Ross's / Belfast, Cochrane / Belfast & a Campbells - Medical Hall / Montreal. The Ross bottle is incredibly minty, shiny & scratch-less -...
  3. DeepSeaDan

    ❤️ Those Round Bottoms!

    Hi R-O-T-R’s! Yes indeed, the water’s velvety embrace makes for weightless, cool and comfortable hunting! Just be sure to do a refresh with your LDS prior to re-submergence - safety first!
  4. DeepSeaDan

    ❤️ Those Round Bottoms!

    Another 4 hour dive resulted in this li’l darlin…
  5. DeepSeaDan

    The MilkMan cometh...

    Me too!
  6. DeepSeaDan

    The MilkMan cometh...

    I bought a fishing kayak to dive from a few years back, but found it to be too much of a pain to use. I think it would work well for surface harvesting though.
  7. DeepSeaDan

    The MilkMan cometh...

    C'mon RCO, it's warm & sunny & the water is inviting!
  8. DeepSeaDan

    My first Codd

    Sweet find - congratulations!
  9. DeepSeaDan

    The MilkMan cometh...

    Four hours on my u/w scooter produced more milk bottles, a very clean, scratch-free flask and a little Horlick's malted milk jar. The flask & two milks came out of the sand, the rest were mid-river, a few displaying some 'river-rash' from years of tumbling about the rocky river bottom.
  10. DeepSeaDan

    Milks & A Honey Blue

    Haha, you've got it, Len!
  11. DeepSeaDan

    Milks & A Honey Blue

    Left the underwater scooter at home to try out my new prescription mask; the entire lens is designed for close-up viewing - what a change! I can see like the 14 year-old I was when I first started diving & hunting for treasure. Probably would have missed the milks, as they lay amongst rocks and...
  12. DeepSeaDan

    Found a brand new 1800s farm dump. Some nice stuff and a big crier

    Can't wait to see what else you pull out of that site - all the luck!
  13. DeepSeaDan

    Best way to find bottles that were dumped in a deep, muddy river?

    Depends on the bottom material's consistency, the depth of the material ( over the hard, natural bottom below the sediment ) & the average rate of flow at the river bottom. If the bottom sediment is deep and the water flow isn't sufficient to substantially move the sediments downstream, then...
  14. DeepSeaDan

    Best way to find bottles that were dumped in a deep, muddy river?

    As an inveterate river-diver, I think I can help. The swift current may indeed have pushed bottles "way downstream", but that would depend on a number of factors, such as bottom material consistency, bottom elevation changes, obstructions ( natural and man-made ). These factors would contribute...
  15. DeepSeaDan

    1st Dive of the Season Find

    Not a bottle, but my 2nd favourite item to find - Crockery! No name, no stencilling, but of a shape I have yet to find. Unsure of it's d.o.m., or who may have created it, but it will find a place on my shelf as a pleasure to look at and a fond memory of it's discovery.

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