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  1. digger dun

    Had no idea what I was digging up.

    When I found one of these I was so stoked, thought I had bagged a really rare bird. Then everyone told me it was common. But none of these people had one, and I had never seen one in 20 years of digging and collecting, not even shards. Yours here is the second one I've ever seen so to me, so I...
  2. digger dun

    Identify bottle

    Its a Zima
  3. digger dun

    Dead Horse Bay - quantity vs quality

    I used to walk that beach at least monthly when I lived in Brooklyn. I've found some amazing stuff there.
  4. digger dun

    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    Any thoughts on value? I'm not selling, as this has fast become one of my all time favorite finds, but I would like to know y'alls opinion on value.
  5. digger dun

    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    Look at this thing! This color is bonkers... Even has some ossified ink crust around the lip. No cracks, chips or bruises, absolutely perfect.
  6. digger dun

    Holy bologna, that's a good one!

    I have a little ash midden pile that I periodically visit. Every time I dig a hole there I get something great. Unfortunately its fairly exposed, so I never spend much more then 10 minutes on it, and always backfill and sweep over my hole in hopes of keeping my secret spot untouched by all but...
  7. digger dun


    I think I have a New York Codd that is not listed in that link, gotta check when I get home tonight.
  8. digger dun

    everyday carry but for digging

    This is my basic dig kit I take for dump digging. Basic non descript bookbag so as not to draw attention, short shovel for opening up holes and moving quantities of fluff, a hand plow/homi tool for the business work, a collapsible canvas bucket for removing fluff, couple pairs of gloves...
  9. digger dun

    My Jersey City bottle collection

    Over 10 years ago now there was a giant construction project going on in Harrison with no fences to speak of, acres of 1880s-90s landfill from the surrounding area was being churned up. We'd go there almost every weekend and walk the piles, coming home with backpacks full of keepers every time...
  10. digger dun

    What's the best ketchup bottles

    I usually smash the ketchups I dig on the rocks for jollies, but saved this one cuz it had a nice monogram...
  11. digger dun

    One of the nicest inks I've ever seen

    "There were non-Owens type machines capable of producing small bore bottles such as this between 1905 and I think 1915 and the mold marks looks very similar to mine, and have a tendency for there to be an "offset" The way the mold seam sharply offsets at the lip looks like early ABM to me...
  12. digger dun

    1984 Florida gators ACL Coke bottle

    This is arguably the first bottle in my collection, picked up when I was 8 years old. I was down in Ocala Florida visiting my grandparents, and they had a six pack of these. Someone said it was a collectible bottle when they noticed my interest in the colorful painted label, nothing like the...
  13. digger dun

    What is your best non-glass find

    Dug this aquamanile from a vein of sterile ash in an 1890s dump a few years back...
  14. digger dun

    In codd we trust.

    I've been blessed by the bottle spirits a few times now with Codd kick backs. The first was this NYC embossed one, don't have it handy at the moment to list the embossing, and its hard to read in this 10 year old picture. Found it in the lake muck of Central Park Second was this unembossed slick...
  15. digger dun

    What’s your favorite beer bottle surface find?

    Spotted this big stoney in a footing ditch of a construction site too, so caked in frozen mud it was nearly unrecognizable...

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