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    Picked up a few Acl's & Cokes

    Picked up a few Acl's & Cokes . Heres some of the better ones I haven't cleaned the rest yet. The Orange Crush is larger than any I have seen. It is from Mexico dated 1955 . Note the raised Crushie Men all around the upper part. The High Rock is a different style than I have seen and the...
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    I think it is the rarest of the Chase line . I have seen two this one and one that had a big lip chip in a mans collection.
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    ACL Steamboat Bottle Cleaned + history

    That may be correct but it does not match the info that has always circulated on it being short lived. Also there are very few of the bottles (30+ years and the 2nd one I have seen) where did they go ? When I was in the Memphis Bottle Club 30 + years ago they were all looking for the bottle. I...
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    Anyone know what this strange looking Drugstore bottle is ?

    I have posted a few Soda's in the Soda forum that came out of the attic of an old Drugstore. These meds were also in it. All of them are ground top with stoppers and the name of what was in them on the front in raised block letters. But the one with the ground top and a two way glass line (it...
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    Here's a few more of the bottles out of the old store cleaned. There was around 100-125 total bottles in the attic a mix of Soda , Meds, Whiskey etc. The building was built appx 1880's and had a Drugstore 1st then a Grocery store and in the 40's-50's a Barber Shop and up until today a Law...
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    ACL Steamboat Bottle Cleaned + history

    It has Duraglas and the Owens Il mark with a 9 on the left of the mark and a 1 on the right.
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    ACL Steamboat Bottle Cleaned + history

    You may be right . When I said "only lasted a short time " I was speaking of the "Steamboat " Brand. I was told it lasted for less than one year. Both Liberty and Union were in business for a long time and produced a lot of embossed and ACL bottle types/brands. Thanks for your help you always...
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    ACL Steamboat Bottle Cleaned + history

    Here is the Steamboat bottle after getting all the attic dust etc off it. It came out top shelf minty which is great. I do not have a lot of history on it but it is one of the rarer West Tn ACL's that I know of. I know one sold at the Memphis Bottle show auction several years ago early 2000's...
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    Found a Rare Memphis Tn "Steamboat" ACL Today

    I think I have looked for one of these for 30 + years and yes today one came out of the attic of a old drugstore.I have not cleaned it still has attic dust etc on and in but looks like it should turn out minty. This is suppose to be one of Tn's hardest to get ACL's I have no idea as to value but...
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    Vintage coca cola tray?

    It's a repo no trademark in "C" and size varied from some makers of the repo over the years. There is never an exception on the placement of the trademark " never " . Also the detail is lacking if you were to put it side by side with an original you would be amazed at the sharpness that is...
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    Picked up a scarce colored Chase and a Coke ACL product today

    I bought out a old Cotton Gin office this morning. It was full of Sodas just mainly avg stuff. But did pull two 5 gallon buckets of keepers out of it. Here is one that is scarce (it is here I have seen 2-3 over 30 + years may be more common somewhere else) a bright almost Apple Green Chase with...
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    1860's-70's Stoneware Beer Soda anyone know what the letters are ?

    This just came out of the attic of a mid 1800's era house. It's stoneware 12 sided appx Qt Size and I think made by Merrill Pottery In Akron Oh. I have one almost like it I picked up several years ago it is a Diehl & Lord from Nashville Tenn. This only has the three stamped in letters (I put a...
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    I have doubts, what say ye?

    I collect paper items and it looks right. But it was larger thus cut down and by the damage it was stuck to the original glass and when removed well you see the result. He knows what happened but by taking his stand he can kinda hide it. It's rare but very overpriced for a cut down damaged piece.
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    2013 retrospective: Slow year, I blame my teeth... But How Did You Do?

    I made a New Year's resolution last year to totally fix my teeth. Starting in Feb 2013 to Dec 2013 I had 2 extractions , 8 fillings , two root canals and three crowns. And still lack a couple of extractions. And did I forget to mention no insurance ! Cash on the barrel head each trip. But do...

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