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    I collect Cincy pontils, this is a good bottle, but I don't know about $610. I believe there are a couple versions of the Wilke panelled bottle, and this this is the rarer variant (now that Wil's Bottle Den "American Pontiled Soda Database" is no more, I am not the "expert" that I used to...
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    Royal beverage bottle, Cincinnati Ohio

    Wow that brings back some memories... I dug a bunch of Royals in an old fairgrounds dump when I was kid living in northern Ky just across the Ohio River. The one pictured was pretty scarce, only found one like that. I believe it was the first bottle style used by Royal, the later ones were...
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    Bought this pontil pocket flask at a yard sale

    Oh well, if it makes your mom happy its all good.
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    Dug 2 Privy's this weekend.

    Wow, that one cleaned up really well...
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    any bottles you regretted selling later on ?

    Really just this one, bad pic, but a TOC "Drink Pepsi Cola, It's Delicious and Healthful" from Lynchburg, Va. One of the best one's I dug myself that I sold, kinda miss it sometimes...
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    Congratz, hutches have been tough to come by for me, in my 50+ years of digging I think I have only dug 2 or 3, the most recent coming over 40 years ago... I have actually found many more pontilled sodas than hutches.
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    Walking lots

    Nice looking top on that Moroney & Conner, I dug one years ago in Suffolk Va. of all places - but did not look as nice as yours. Smooth base?
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    Woods surface find

    Went hiking through some nice woods in central Va. on Sunday, came across this on an exposed hillside, looked like someone had just dropped there about a week ago - surprised it was overlooked in such a heavily hunted (deer) area for so long. Not particularly rare, but I am always happy to find...
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    A killer and crier day of digging!

    Any idea what the pontiled rectangular Connecticut medicine was? Also love the base on the umbrella, I like collecting the transitional molds as much as the pontils (looks like a hinge, yes?).
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    BOB DEVER aka GILLIGAN from the old sitcom GILLIGAN'S ISLAND

    Just watched video on link provided, was surprised to see familiar faces, I used to know a couple of the featured Baltimore diggers years ago, actually purchased alot of pontiled glass (such as the one below) from them over the years. Very nice fellas, I wonder if they are still at it....
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    BOB DEVER aka GILLIGAN from the old sitcom GILLIGAN'S ISLAND

    I wonder if Gilligan ever dug a Gilligan:
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    Good to be back

    Still sitting in my shed caked in mud... I plan on going back to dig site next weekend to add to the wash load, will clean em when I get a decent batch. Gee I've gotten lazy in my old age.
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    Good to be back

    Haven't been doing any actual digging for some time, usually just scout along creeks/rivers for easy pickings these daze, but was fun getting back in the mud. Found overlooked seam on very heavily dug well-known town dump which was loaded with sodas, most prolly 1910ish to mid 20s - way too many...
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    Huge dump but can't dig

    Had a 1880s -1910 dump on a creekside in tidewater Va. that was about 50 ft behind a city police station, used to basically crawl up small creek bed and then would stay low and tunnel into bank. Took it for granted at the time, but what a great dump; it was loaded with late blob sodas and...
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    What’s your favorite beer bottle surface find?

    Two notable "surface" beer finds in my career, the "Petersen" porter was exposed on sandbar after a flood 30 years ago (won a race with my brother to claim it), the "Mason & Burns" top was protruding from mud on bank of the Chickahominy River. Have found numerous crown top on surface and a few...

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