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Recent content by embe

  1. embe

    came across a friendly roadside snake

    Looks like an Eastern Hognose to me. They are harmless but grow pretty big will puff up like a Cobra if threatened (which usually scares people more). I believe they are considered endangered species in Ontario
  2. embe

    Free Pre-Pro Brewery Crates

    Nice finds, any marbles?
  3. embe

    Old Vernors bottle

    Nice find. Good ginger ale
  4. embe

    OC in the Green...Top of the list!

    I agree, It's on my bucket list
  5. embe

    Newby collector and introduction

    Cool. Nice finds and welcome!
  6. embe

    Killer one of a kind Sign.

    How it ended up in a privy? Nice find
  7. embe

    Bullet ID help needed

    Probably a .50 Caliber by the looks of things, hope that helps
  8. embe

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Yep, wind can take things out of control and who knows where it will land and get buried by snow. The newer Canadian money is pretty much plastic and should stand up better in the elements. Nice find
  9. embe

    Probe question

    Curious what the benefit of a brazed bearing would be vs. a blob? My understanding is a sharpened point isn't good because it can puncture (break) bottles and other stuff. Whereas a blunt tip is less likely to. Along with being easier to remove from the ground (or something to do with less...
  10. embe

    My first display

    I like the design, allows for different sizes of bottles in different spots. Don't know what you used to fasten it together but I usually double up on the hardware (belt and suspenders approach). I'd probably go as far as metal "T" or "L" brackets behind every perpendicular junction, but...
  11. embe


    nice collection, do you have a favorite? I see all kinds popping out the more I look
  12. embe

    Singer mfg. oil bottle & tag

    You think the tag might have come off a machine?
  13. embe

    New Art Deco Soda.

    Nice embossing, any paint left on the cap?

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