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Recent content by embe

  1. embe


    No Doubt! How did you get the crushed cans normal shape again (I'm guessing compressed air or some type of voodoo?)
  2. embe

    Any ideas on these 2 bottles?

    The 'S' part looks similar but the rest of the logo doesn't match versions I've seen (I'm no expert either)
  3. embe

    Art Deco Sodas

    Yeah, the shape of the Coke caught my eye as well, but I was too busy ogling the rest of them
  4. embe

    Art Deco Sodas

    Bold styles and embossing really make these pop, even without the color of an ACL.
  5. embe

    Old Pluto devil bottle

    Embossing is strong in the 1st post (on my monitor) might make it a bit more desirable.
  6. embe

    Found a few

    Those are some pretty old looking bottles. Nice.
  7. embe

    Any thoughts on this bottle?

    For the sediment? That actually makes a lot of sense. I learned this was called a kick-up but hadn't thought of the practicality of this design.
  8. embe

    3 new marble finds

    1st = game marble (like Chinese Checkers) 2nd = clearie marble, 3rd = patch marble, Vitro and Akro made a lot of these in the US (as did other companies), the "seams" are a bit rough, so it could be foreign. Nice finds, but probably not a whole lot of value other than sentimental. Age-wise...
  9. embe


    You have a very 'supple' sense of humor. lol
  10. embe

    Are these worth anything?

    If those cokes are embossed (not like the ACL/painted version above) there could be some value there. Look old and good color. First pic, top right, what does that label read? Might be the most interesting in the bunch. WElcome to the site by the way
  11. embe

    Surface bottles went real for a real quick dig but...

    yeah, my mind occasionally drifts to the gutter when I need a laugh. Somebody posted one a while back labeled Richard Mudnut which is what got me going.
  12. embe

    Please someone help

    If it's silver there should be a hallmark on it, which would narrow things down quite a bit
  13. embe

    What do you think of this bottle and cans I found under our house?

    Some automotive collectors should be interested in that Mopar tin.
  14. embe

    Surface bottles went real for a real quick dig but...

    That Dick Hudnut bottle gave me a chuckle, thanks!
  15. embe

    Canadian quart Sodas for sale

    I'd be interested in the green middle one and the Cummer & Sons. Do you have something in mind for trade?

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