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  1. embe

    Id help old chinese cash coin?

    What's it made from? Do you have access to an X-ref gun?
  2. embe

    I got a rock

    Yeah, at that size probably not a hand tool but this is why I originally asked
  3. embe

    Quality OVER quantity? 2022 Bottle Hunting Wrap-up

    Awesome finds. Not sure what my wife would say, but I think it's pretty cool assortment on the lawn.
  4. embe

    I've got balls, and my first cobalt hutch.

    Any idea what the balls are made of? I'm guessing about 1" diameter? Could be from a ball mill. With Bocce there is usually only one white ball (the Jack)
  5. embe

    Some of my littles

    Nice assortment!
  6. embe

    Help with Well Dig

    Seems to me, that if a spot is located below the water table, you'd exhaust yourself with buckets and pumps since a well was prposely dug to be below the water table.
  7. embe

    1 LB Steel Coffee Can Tins painted & 1 paper label

    Curious what the ottoman looked like before these were extracted?
  8. embe

    Its the little things....

    And it's already cleaned up and everything!
  9. embe

    I got a rock

    I agree with granite. Might actually be an old native tool. Is it about the size to fit in your hand?
  10. embe

    Help with value or ID on some marbles

    The glass German marbles from the same period are more collectible so I'd keep looking. Especially after a heavy rain
  11. embe

    Help with value or ID on some marbles

    Yeah, I've seen hundreds of clay marbles. When they fired the glaze on, the marble was on a 3 "prong" support which results in the eyes. You can probably see a couple examples here mixed in with some other clay marbles
  12. embe

    Wetland scientist who occasionally fines some cool bottles

    Welcome! I like working outside too, so finding something is icing on the cake. Post some pics if you'd like and don't be discouraged
  13. embe

    Help with value or ID on some marbles

    ccb420 the clay marbles are called Benningtons by collectors. Made in Germany, around 1900's (+/-). The spots are from when the glaze was fired in the kiln.
  14. embe

    Help with value or ID on some marbles

    OP, the first jar is mostly Vitro with a few Marble Kings. The best marble (in my opinion) is the green/white/black Vitro. The other jars I wouldn't bother with.
  15. embe

    1890's Blob Top Beer + Other Relics

    Cool. Looks like the "muck" preserved them well. Did you use a probe to find them?

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