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Recent content by emzornes

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    Still looking for KY bottles

    Looking for KY bottles mostly from Maysville, Blue Licks, Mt. Olivet, Augusta, Flemingsburg, Carlisle or other nearby areas. I collect all types of bottles medicine, milk, soda or other just let me know what you got. Thanks Mike
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    KY bottles wanted

    I am so sorry I have not got back to you before now it has been crazy couple of months. I have failed as a fellow collector in being prompt and diligent about getting back in touch or finding out any info for you. I unfortunately have still not got to look at any of my bottles so if you have...
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    KY bottles wanted

    When I get chance to look at some of my stuff I will see what I got if anything. I usually don't keep much that I don't collect I have a buddy that has a ton of bottles that he collects and I just give him 3 big boxes full this past summer. I have acquired some more though that I don't collect...
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    KY bottles wanted

    what kind of bottles from Ohio are you looking for? Any certain area? Soda's, medicine, milk or etc. let me know and I will also check and see what I got if anything and let you know. Thanks again
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    KY bottles wanted

    I sure would what are you asking for it shipped. It would fit right in with some other I got. Thanks Mike
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    KY bottles wanted

    Sent the info thanks a lot I will try and find some info on it for you
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    Mike Zornes (859)473-2158

    Mike Zornes (859)473-2158
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    KY bottles wanted

    Well if you decide to part with it let me know I live about 10 miles from Maysville so it would be a neat one to have.
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    KY bottles wanted

    Interested in selling it if so how much shipped? Thanks Also what is the story behind it where did you find it at.
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    1/2 Pint Ball jar

    I don't have one was just wondering if I need to be on the look out for one. I have the pint quart and half gallon wasn't sure if there was a 1/2 pint or not. I know the regular 1/2 pints are kind of hard to get so I couldn't imagine if there where square ones how hard they would be to find...
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    1/2 Pint Ball jar

    Does anyone know if they made 1/2 pint square blue ball jars with screw on lids was just wondering if they even existed at one time or another. Thanks for your help.
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    KY bottles wanted

    Still looking for bottles any help appreciated
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    Finding Blue Ball Jar

    How hard is it to find a 1/2 gallon Square Blue Ball Mason Jar? I have a quart and pint looking for a 1/2 gallon. My wife's Grandmother has 2 but she won't part with one says they belonged to her Mother or Grandmother. When where they produced would also help. Thanks
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    KY bottles wanted

    No KY bottles for sale of any kind. Still looking

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