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    Tulsa Bottle Show Buys

    So nice to be out among other collectors.. Had bought a DR. WELLS crate a couple years back from Conroe Texas and wanted to try and fill it... you know.. give me something to do and thought it would take a while.. but ended up finding 11 bottles.. so now I need to find another crate or 6 pack...
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    8 bubble 7up with ribbed neck

    Great bottle.. great find. Congrats... paint is really nice on that one.
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    Super Stubby 16oz!

    Great bottle ... and color... don't see that brand around here.
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    Swap Meet buys

    So nice to get out and hunt.. Tired of this being cooped up... Picked up a nice crate full of O-So Grape bottles. The crate was marked 1946.. The bottles are marked from Flat Rive Missouri... then a 8 oz. Pepsi red and White double dot.. From St. Louis, MO... As you can see Bar Keepers Friend...
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    So How do you date this?

    Thank just... more numbers than I usually see...
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    So How do you date this?

    Here's the side// I was think the 49 from the bottom or the 58 there on the right of the center circle .. but almost looks embossed twice ... so many stampings...
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    So How do you date this?

    I need some help please. Usually Pepsi bottles have a easier date on them this Pepsi there seems to be numbers everywhere? Which is the date?
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    Bottle Show in St. Louis

    Bottle-bud we'll have to meet up next time...
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    Bottle Show in St. Louis

    Thought I would post some images from the St. Louis bottle show last week.. They handed out free tote bags at the door.. This show was on the line as several shows closed/canceled after this date... there was plenty of hand sanitizer and bathrooms were stocked.. a few vendors canceled... and I...
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    How much is a 1930s D series coke bottle worth?

    Any pics of the shipwrecked bottles? Sounds like they may have found some rare city/towns
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    1950’s Soda

    yeah nice label... bet you can get the yellow out... sure someone here could tell you what to clean it with
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    Allan's It's Lithiated

    full crate of a small brand... gotta get it... that's a great display piece for a collection. Little piece of history that time has forgotten.
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    What's your favorite soda?

    Great Hires bottle .. isn't it amazing that a bottle of soda can survive all this time mint and unopened... how does that happen!? It wouldn't survive around my house! Ha... I have a few unopened... so cool... Hires is in my top 5 sodas... Usually after I get a cooler I start hunting for the...
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    Date Code Help

    I don't know where this guy was from... he was wanting to know the age of the bottle,,, but I bought a couple Spur bottles with the same bail looking stopper here in Missouri.. guessing they could be bought to help reseal the bottles of soda.. they don't have the twist bail that you can't remove...
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    Soda Spectrum, ACL Magazine

    Same here.. great mag.. I need to subscribe again...

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