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Recent content by fdecarlo

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    How about a thread of box, and or label and or contents for the pontil gems

    Do you know where the Comstock's bottle originated?
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    Utica, NY bottles

    sandchip... Peter Vidvard went into business with his son in law John Sheehan for a short time circa 1870s and this is a bottle from that venture. Lovely flask with applied handle.
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    Utica, NY bottles

    Just getting this site off the ground recently. Added 2 pontil era medicines the other day. Thanks for looking. I still have a lot to add just need the time and photos.
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    Utica, NY bottles

    I am building a website documenting bottles from my hometown Utica, NY. If anyone would like to add to my directory I would greatly appreciate it. Uticabottles.com. You can email me from the site or go to my facebook and message me. Thanks alot. Fred

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