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  1. Slowmovangogh

    Odd jar lid identification.

    Thanks for the info. I know some jars with odd closure mechanisms can be quite rare and valuable. I figured someone out there might have the jar to missing the lid, but finding that person would be impossible without knowing what the lid was for. I'm still digging that area so who knows, maybe...
  2. Slowmovangogh

    Odd jar lid identification.

    No lettering but it does have an amber swirl through it.
  3. Slowmovangogh

    Odd jar lid identification.

    Hi all, I dug up this odd jar lid the other day and wondered if anyone can identify what it is off of. It is the standard size of a regular mason jar lid but has a square recess in the center, presumably for some kind of sealing apparatus. any info would be appreciated.
  4. Slowmovangogh

    What and When

    These things.
  5. Slowmovangogh

    What and When

    Thanks for the imput. I understand that and exact age isn't possible, but what would you say is the possible range on it? I think I might tumble the inside only. I think that would make the swirling on the outside stand out more. It's pretty easy to do. Just fill it with copper and cork it, then...
  6. Slowmovangogh

    What and When

    Forgot to mention: It is a little over 9" tall.
  7. Slowmovangogh

    What and When

    I moved north from Florida about 4 years ago and never unpacked everything. I was looking for something in storage yesterday and found my box of bottles. I unpacked and found this one in there. Funny thing is I have absolutely no recollection of when and where I got it. I must have bought it...
  8. Slowmovangogh

    Looking for digging partner in Southeast PA, Montgomery County

    I'm in Flourtown and always down for a workout at the dirt gym. Message me if you need some help.
  9. Slowmovangogh

    Privy excavation in Montgomery County

    I live in Montgomery county and am always down to dig.
  10. Slowmovangogh

    What is it, other than broken?

    I have been digging a turn of the century dump that I got a tip on lately. I have been coming up with mostly blob beers (exactly what I am looking for) towards the bottom. From what I can tell the dump was used from the late 1890s to probably around the 1920s. I was collapsing some of the...
  11. Slowmovangogh

    A few questions for the bottle-nerds out there

    No offense meant by the term "Bottle-nerd". I use it with admiration and hope to someday reach a point where I can call myself one. I do consider myself a "Camera-nerd" since I can talk endlessly about them but have not yet reached that point with bottles. All that aside, Thank you all for the...
  12. Slowmovangogh

    A few questions for the bottle-nerds out there

    So I have a few questions I wanted to ask the community. I am still relatively new to the hobby and still learning. Soooooo..... First, can someone explain the difference between an applied top and a tooled top? Second, At what point did they start putting "Registered & This bottle not to be...
  13. Slowmovangogh

    Thoughts on tumbling media.

    Hi all, I know that consensus is that cut copper wire is the best media for tumbling bottles but I wanted to see what else people have used and to what success. I have heard that copper BBs are good also. Cutting that much wire is super tedious and I pretty much gave myself carpal tunnel last...
  14. Slowmovangogh

    Tumbling quandary

    The machine is level. I have enough medium to fill to about 2/3 up on the bottle when sitting vertically, but unfortunately I am currently using a regular white pvc pipe so I can't see the level when it's on it's side. I ordered a length of clear pipe but it has not been delivered yet. As far as...
  15. Slowmovangogh

    Tumbling quandary

    So, I finally got my machine up and running. After a few months of trying to figure out how to rig my own stopples and failing, I broke down and purchased a pair of 4" ones from the jar doctor. So far I am happy with the results but I am finding that the bottoms of the bottles are not fully...

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