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    New Medicine Bottle Book finally available

    Hey Matt glad its ready. How would you prefer to be paid? i can send check or have you send me a link for pay pal I cant wait to get this one
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    Wow i actually won something. must be my lucky day i went digging today bottles were slim but did find a 1915 coke and a small town drugstore bottle about 20 slicks and some common stuff.It was about 100 degrees here so digging was slow but i still got an 8 hr digging day in. Thank you so...
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    Anyone going to Tulsa bottle show 7-7-12?

    i havent been in several years. That year it wasnt huge but there is a flea market going on at same time in the smae building so there will be lots of vendors even though alot wont have bottles but other stuff. i know the flea market part was sold out of over 200 spaces.
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    Anyone going to Tulsa bottle show 7-7-12?

    Well if you see this guy walking around its me. hopefully ill be cleaner up there lol If i can find my ABN shirt ill wear it
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    Arctic Beverage

    That is neat i think i like the back side better
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    Today's dig

    i cant believe how clean they are most bottles i dig here in Texas has sickness
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    Anyone going to Tulsa bottle show 7-7-12?

    Just looking to see who might be going to this show so far not much response. bottlekid you setting up or just going to buy?
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    Arctic Beverage

    Wow never seen that bottle where is it from? I think ones i have are from Conroe Texas but they are in storage so i cant be sure. Gotr picture of the back of that bottle?
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    Arctic Beverage

    Yea there were a bunch of them on market a few years ago i think i bought 6 cases at $6 ea case. I get $3 at best on them should be a $5 bottle but they are available if someone really wants one.
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    2469 ....... Thanks for doing this again. I hope i can win one of the great epackage packages
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    Seltzer Man

    RE: Better than most bottles in my collection... try becoming one of his customers and build a repor with him
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    A new plan

    Like the sodas cant wait to see them cleaned up especially one with heart on it.
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    6-15-12 Dig in Texas

    RE: 6-23-12 Dig in Texas thanks for the replies i figured the bitters might be only worth about $10 but since its not what i normally collect i wasn't sure.
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    6-15-12 Dig in Texas

    RE: 6-23-12 Dig in Texas Yea i found one broken panel of one and then i took a lot of time digging out what i though was another turned out to be a dang ol snuff lol. These two appear to be different molds for the embossing. Any idea of value on these or the Dr mile Bottles?

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