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Recent content by foxfirerodandgun

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    Snuff Bottle

    Thanks. I suspected that the bottles were fairly new, but didn't think they were this new. Live & learn. Don't think I'll be trying to track any down to purchase though. A bag of Levi chew will more than suffice. ;~)
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    Snuff Bottle

    I don't recall ever seeing a glass snuff bottle, especially one with a cork top. That's what has me puzzled a bit.
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    Snuff Bottle

    Two of these were in a crate of mixed bottles that I recently picked up. I don't really feel that they are that old, and very possibly very modern. I'm just curious as to what information someone may have to share about them. Thanks.
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    Queen jar with misspelled word...value?

    I hope it isn't one of the ones that I have in my consignment booth for much less than the Redbook lists them at. Not sure of the spelling of widemouth on mine though. They are of Canadian origin so the widemuth spelling may be correct.
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    Bleach safe for ACL bottles?

    What is the mixture that you use? Oxalic acid & water? Thanks.
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    Bowling Pin Bottle ID

    Very possible Prohibition smuggled containers. What puzzles me is that the entire flask is in the raised web design thus making it very difficult for a paper label to adhere to it. I noticed that the H.W. & Cobweb brand flasks seem to have a smooth, non textured area for a label to be applied.
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    Bowling Pin Bottle ID

    No bottlers with Webb" in their name that I know of in this area. There were a number of small soda companies in this area of SE Virginia during the early 1900's though. I have several from the town that I was born & raised in which is Hopewell, VA. Names such as Big Bill, Billy Boy, Garden...
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    Bowling Pin Bottle ID

    This spider web design bottle has a smooth, flat, oval on the lower portion of the body which I'm sure once held a label of sorts. On the back of the bottle there is a significant oval shaped flat area that has the web design like the rest of the bottle. The makers mark on the bottom indicates...
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    Aqua Atlas Strog Shoulder Years of Production

    Thanks a bunch WesternPA-collector. I hope to learn more info on Atlas jars when the Red Book #12 arrives.BTW, I hunted in your state for several years with a friend who was from Butler. We hunted in Clarion Co.
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    Aqua Atlas Strog Shoulder Years of Production

    I've searched this site, the Internet, with no joy. I ordered a copy of The Red Book No. 12 today. However, I would like to know the approximate year range for the production of this aqua Atlas Strong Shoulder jar. I'm guessing the 1920's and maybe into the 1930's but would like to narrow it...
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    1930's Pepsi Cola Logo Request

    If someone has a 1930's Pepsi Cola bottle, (same shape as the "wave" bottle), could you please post a close up image of the Pepsi Cola logo that goes around the body of the bottle and one of the logo also embossed on the bottom of the bottle as well? Many thanks!
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    No City / No Date Code on 6 1/2 oz. Clear, Debossed, Dr. Pepper Bottle

    I am trying to determine the approximate year(s) of production of this bottle. The Dr. Pepper is script with a period after Dr / "Good For Life" is block style lettering / The 4 is at the normal 4 location / The face of the 10-2-4 clock is textured. No other markings other than 6 1/2 ozs. areon...
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    jumbo peanutbutter

    I was going through & cleaning a few bottles & jars that my late brother in law had dug and came across a 7 oz. Jumbo Peanut Butter jar w/o a lid. Everything is embossed without a place for a paper label. I have rad through this entire thread but really can't place a production period for when...
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    Garden Club Botttling Co. Hopewell, VA

    OK, I was born, raised, and my entire work life was, in Hopewell, VA. I just found a green bottle with the following markings: Garden Club Beverages (Both sides @ top) Garden Club Bottling Co. Hopewell, VA (Around Base) Min. Contents 1pt. 8 oz. (Around Base) I can not find any references to...
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    Lime cola bottle bottling company of SC

    I have the bottle on the left, however, the city is Suffolk, Virginia. Suffolk is not far from my home.

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