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    Just wanted to get in on this post, I dug this one last year and did research and read many med post were this bottle of gum relief for babies did kill many children. In 1890's the parents would keep applying the med on he babies to stop the crying. To were the babies would sleep from the...

    Galveston Dig

    Just following all your dig pic and post. Love the time period your in. Think the green is some kind of nice Lady Leg Liquor bottle. Its a keeper. gac

    Awsome river find!

    Nice, Next you want to find the one with Crushy on it, the little mascot.

    Christo Cola Nice local soda

    Hi, Been gone awhile. Just had a full right Knee replacement. I guess to much digging right. Hope to be back in the woods soon. Wanted to show this cool soda that Is found at digs here in my local area in N.C. Called a Ten Pin Christo Cola from Gastonia N.C. Hope to be out there soon with more...

    Nice Cobalt Canadian Poison Bottle Dug .

    Nothing like digging up a nice cobalt poison fresh out of the ground. Good Dig!

    Construction Site yields stoneware galore!

    Some good stuff, the ovoid is sweet. What a great time period to be digging in.

    Salisbury NC straight side Coca-Cola dump

    Here is a pic I have of the Salisbury Coca-Cola paint in 1906 and one of it today.

    Medicine from the South

    A lot of good old bottles come out of Charleston SC. Never seen a pontil from Charlotte. I don't think the town is that old.

    Medicine from the South

    There are not many Medicines from the turn of the century here in Charlotte NC so when I fine one I like It. This is a good old southern one the DIXIE Medicine Co. Charlotte NC.
  10. GACDIG

    Salisbury NC straight side Coca-Cola dump

    Thanks, Ya we found a couple good ones. I will go back. The only other bottles were two Mint colas and hundreds of SS coca-colas. I own allot of Salisbury coke things. I was friends with a family that worked in the original plant from 1906. Got allot of one of a kind from them when the plant...
  11. GACDIG

    Salisbury NC straight side Coca-Cola dump

    Last weekend me and a dig friend located the Salisbury NC Coca Cola company dump. This was the dump where they through all the straight sided bottles when the company changed over to the hobble skirt bottle in 1916. There were nothing but hundreds of all straight sided coke bottles. We dug and...
  12. GACDIG

    Bradham Pepsi bottle

    I just received this nice Bradham Drug bottle. I have been away for the site for several years. But Still a big collector. This is a very rare Pepsi bottle. It is also to be the brads drink bottle because there has never been a bottle found with this embossed. Anyway it is very rare due to there...
  13. GACDIG

    Privy # 13 & #14. Lucky #13 or Double D.

    Thanks for the post, Looks like good old hard work.

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