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    help needed on quart whiskey?

    Thanks so much!
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    help needed on quart whiskey?

    I have had this bottle for a long time yet have not found it in a book or online. Any help would be nice. It is a three piece mold - hand tooled lip , with T. J. PAINES / PURE on one top mold face and on back 172 DUANE ST/NEW YORK. My guess is about 1890's. Thanks
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    Early Canadian Glass Works Research -and Fruit jar and Insulator information

    This site covers 1840's to 1880's glass works in Canada. It also has a lot of information on fruit jars and Insulators. www.historical-canadian-glass-plus.com
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    What is this thing?

    Hi we are new to the site and realize this is an old message but a correct history on Canada Glass Works ,St Johns and the CD 740's can be found on www.historical-canadian-glass-plus.com It is fully researched through notary and land records etc..

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