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    Yesterday's Construction Site Finds.

    Wow love that cobalt hutch!! Jamie
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    Beehive Peppersauce Bottles, or What?

    What ever they were used for..they are cool!!! JAMIE
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    pepper sauce repro???

    A decoration bottle..I used to see them at OLIVE GARDENS maybe they used them to put oil or vinegar in them,but the ones i saw around there were empty...once had a cobalt one just like yours..very new.JAMIE
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    Does anyone know any information on a National remedy company bottle from new york

    Some new collectors may not even know where to start and here is a great place for that...most here are always helpful 1974 when i first started collecting it was tough finding out about many of my finds except for the people i started meeting that could help some..hey it took a long time...
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    Newbie with a couple of bottles.

    Welcome and keep up the good work!! Jamie
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    Rome georgia bottle show

    The 43rd ROME BOTTLE SHOW will be held next SAT. from 8 am till 3 pm..set up will be on FRI. 3 pm-8 pm at the ROME CIVIC CENTER.Tables-if any are left are 20 bucks admission charge and no charge to come look at the set up times.[not many this cheap any more] Will be sad not to have...
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    Whew! Just about gave up!

    After two weeks or so trying to get back on was terrible.AS MANY OF YOU KNOW..I MEAN ALL OF YOU KNOW THE OLD PASS WORDS HAD BEEN LOST. That is cool ..things happen..but it seemed no matter what I did it ended up being wrong..till just a few minutes ago when I finally gotta new pass...
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    Swifts Syphilitic Specific, new bottle in my collection!

    A great one ANDY! They are beautiful and last I heard [some years ago] they were in the near $1,000 range...they were from ATLANTA GA.I had a chance to buy one that had it's top put back on..very poorly,but could have gotten it for $ was mint other wise and now wish I had bought it and...
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    Blue bottle identification

    In the GRANULAR CITRIC OF MAGNESIA bottles you can see from the link I put on the first line is GRANULAR CITRIC line OF MAGNESIA..which would seem to fit..maybe it was this at first but with some reworking was made to hold another product and NEW YORK was put in?Bottles were always...
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    insulators for sale

    In the 70's a friend and I would climb up old abounded houses and take down the lightning was fun..but were not worth much back least round here.JAMIE
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    Blue bottle identification

    Looks like a "GRANULAR CITRIC OF MAGNESIA" bottle... ENGLISH in origin..but a popular import to the USA JAMIE
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    Clearing Out Some Bottles

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    I have bought all my items on ebay with a USA postal money order...very few dealers have said no ..we take only pay pal...I am having trouble now as a dealer said it is ok to "BUY IT NOW "with a postal money order...but when I put in buy it now up pops the pay with pay pal or credit card and...
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    Two word game

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    I Bought a Car (Ain't She a Beaut'.)

    I guess no marking any where? Can't the paint original does it seem? It is cast iron right? If no markings would be really hard to tell if it was a toy or what it may have been...yep I do love how you incorporated it into the post card! [:)] JAMIE

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