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Recent content by glass_digger

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    I found this about a foot under ground in the hills by hursts castle.

    most likely not that old, it's a screw top. Still cool, i like those old amber medicine bottles
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    Finding Bottle Dumps

    I've found some good spots by using google earth. but I live in the desert where there are not a lot of trees so I can see old dump sites pretty well.
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    This month's dig

    Ok. So, the Stephan's bottle is a dandruff hair tonic bottle, the Ball packer jars are hot sauce, mustard and a cherry jar.
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    This month's dig

    Does anybody know what the square Stephan's bottle is? And the Duraglas bottle with the measurements on the side, what are those bottles used for?
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    new digger collection

    i'll keep my eye open for beer cans
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    new digger collection

    Just started digging, this is a weekend of digging with my wife and son in New Mexico
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    Sick glass

    thanks all
  8. G

    Sick glass

    I dug up some old bottles and after cleaning them with vinegar there is still a cloudy appearance on the glass. I was wondering if it is better to leave the glass cloudy to show its age or is it better to try to make it look new again. Thanks

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