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Recent content by GritsGal

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    Any one know anything about this brand of old medicine bottle

    I don’t remember seeing any but I haven’t actually looked for one. Gobs of soda bottles, medicine bottles and all sorts of other items from late 1890’s, early 1900 to 1940 or so. Family has kept the building up and it is in fairly good shape but it has been used by my uncle as storage for...
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    Any one know anything about this brand of old medicine bottle

    Wow, that was fast. Goes to show it’s the people you know . I can’t believe you found it. Especially when I asked so many different places and no one had a clue. Do you know if it was a well known brand and an abundance of bottles in box with bottle never opened? I’d never heard of it but that...
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    Any one know anything about this brand of old medicine bottle

    This is one of several old medicine bottles in the original box I have from my great grandfather’s old country store. Still standing with items. I’ve researched all over. Called several Savannah municipal offices and historical society in that area with no luck. Any help would be appreciated
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    Recent finds,looking for info.....

    I’m dying to see the bottle but I can’t get attachment to open.
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    Help! Clueless in Florida

    Thank you very much!
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    Help! Clueless in Florida

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m clueless here. Never joined something like this site. I can see the forums, etc. but I can’t see how to start a new thread. I see to reply but I’ll be dang if I can see how to do this. It’s a new question about several bottles I have a one about medicine...
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    Display Shelves!

    Great looking but it makes me shutter just imagining someone fall into the display or any other accident and those bottles come crashing down!
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    My Heartbreak Collection of Shards n Broken Bottles

    Hello. I’m new here so please forgive me for asking a stupid question about these broken shards, etc. Why keep broken glass? Is it still worth anything or is it just taking up space? No intended offense meant, just never thought about doing that.
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    Old Oaken Bucket

    Hi there. I’m a newby. How did you get the haze out?

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