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Recent content by Gunsmoke47

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    Metal Detectors

    A Garretts 1350 is a good machine. I believe around $550.00? I am a Whites man myself, although I do have a Garretts as a backup machine. The Whites are a little more in dollars and a little harder to learn to use right out of the box. Just remember....... "You get what you pay for," really does...
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    What color is my ink?

    Color is a funny thing. Everybody has a different idea on the matter. I'de call it yellow amber myself, as well. Whatever color the powers that be decide it is, it is a fine little ink. Nice score!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Gunsmoke47, and southern Maine diver

    You betcha Eric. [:D][:D][:D][:D]
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Gunsmoke47, and southern Maine diver

    I am kiddin Rick! I am 2 years older than you. I can barely remember 40 but I'm sure Id'e like to be that again. [:D]
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Gunsmoke47, and southern Maine diver

    Hey Joe..... Surf, thanks for the birthday wishes! I don't post a lot anymore since I quit digging due to back problems but I still enjoy reading all about it from you guys. I hate that I turned 40 today.[;)] but it's been a good 40 .........again. [:D] Thanks, Kelley
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    Bostaurus birthday

    Hope you have a great day Melinda![:)]
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    USA Hosp Dept Bottle

    That is a nice Hosp. bottle. I already have one very similar so I am not interested in purchasing it either but if you would like to email me, I will give you my opinion of value as well.
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    That is truely a great find! [:D]
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    USA HOSP DEPT bottle

    Matt's right, I am always on the look out for ones I do not have. By all means, post good clear pic's of it. Thanks, Kelley
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    Great Baltimore weekend

    Wonderful! That Torp is out of this world!
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    cyberdigger celebration

    Happy B.Day Cyber![:D] Hope you have a great day.
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    1 won St Drakes

    Congrats Rick! Very nice bottles you have won, and well deserved.
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    Be Careful Kicking Around Those Mason Jars

    RE: Nice snake Well creeper, I'll tell you a little secret. I wasn't in his house, he was in mine. It was 8:30 in the morning on April 15th. I stepped on him. He/She, never rattled, hissed, or offered to shake my hand, and I relocated him but not before he did substantial damage to my leg. I...
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    Be Careful Kicking Around Those Mason Jars

    RE: Nice snake If you have ever been bitten by a poisenous snake your attitude may change a little about them. I know mine did. I harbor no ill will towards snakes in general and I do practice relocating every rattler I come in contact with. (usually 5 to 10 a year) I relocate his head in one...
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    February Philly digging Extravaganza

    Gret digs and Pic's! [:D] I too would like to know more about the Hosp. bottle. Quart cobalt?

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