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    Montreal B & G Co

    Here’s a link to an auction for another Montreal Bottle & Glass Co. beer bottle. I have no idea if this bottle is earlier or later than mine. I also have no connection to the auction and only post the link as there seem to be very few bottles from this manufacturer out there...
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    Montreal B & G Co

    Thank you! Great information. I just found this, at If correct, this company was gone the year after it was incorporated.
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    Montreal B & G Co

    Any ideas when this dark green, molded bottle might date to? From its shape I’m guessing it’s a beer bottle from the mid to late 1800’s. It’s marked Montreal B & G Co on the bottom, a manufacturer I’ve not run into before.
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    Labatt’s India Pale Ale

    Thank you! Yes, very similar.
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    Labatt’s India Pale Ale

    I’m hoping someone might help me figure out a date for this Labatt’s India Pale Ale bottle. I’ve read up on Dominion Glass’s date codes but, frankly, the more I research these the more confused I get! My guess is the bottle dates to the Second World War but it would be nice to have a month and year.
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    Help needed re identification & dating

    When stationed in the Canal Zone in Panama I would dig lots of these bottles. They are what I was told done in a "Turn Mold". Thank you, Old Man Digger. I wondered if it might be a turn mold bottle but understood that there should be faint, concentric rings visible if it was, and I can’t see...
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    Help needed re identification & dating

    I’ve just spent about an hour at the Society for Historical Archaeology’s bottle dating website and am now more confused about this bottle than when I started! So, if anyone will help me identify this bottle, I would be very grateful. This is a green glass bottle, about 10” tall. I can see no...
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    Help needed re "Vacuum" marked jar

    Thank you, Coreya!
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    Help needed re "Vacuum" marked jar

    Can anyone tell me anything about this jar? It's embossed with the word "Vacuum" and has an unusual rim. I was told that this jar was made in Toronto in the 1920's but have no idea if this is correct or not, as my research has led nowhere. Thanks!
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    RD BD 1912?

    I have a bottle that I've been unable to identify, and am hoping somebody might be able to help. As you'll see, it's a tall, thin bottle, with a small RD, large BD and small 1912 embossed on the front. If anyone recognizes what the bottle is, please let me know!
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    Help needed with Javex bottle

    Thanks to all who’ve replied!
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    Help needed with Javex bottle

    I know Javex bottles are, generally, very common and, for many collectors, uninteresting. Nevertheless, I have a Javex bottle that I’ve been unable to identify. I’ve searched but haven’t found a match for it, with its unusual handle. I’m sure the members here are likely familiar with it, though...
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    Penetang Bottling co - acl soda bottle Penetang Ont

    Here's something discovered just today at a yard sale near Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Note the piece of masking tape on the bottom with "1938" written on it. I presume somebody thought this was the year the bottle was made?
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    Miniature HP Sauce bottle

    Super, thanks again for all your help!
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    My smallest bottle yet! Kidney-Liver Pills

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't realize that there would have been three pills, originally, and yes, I do believe it's Canadian as it was found here in Ontario. As for the label, I'll carefully try the baking soda paste suggestion. Will let you know how it goes!

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