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Recent content by Harry Pristis

  1. Harry Pristis

    Kansas show

    Where are the images of the bottle show?
  2. Harry Pristis

    Kansas show

    Please post images of the bottle show.
  3. Harry Pristis

    Tall hand blown bottle

    It's a novelty bottle from Italy with Italian wine.
  4. Harry Pristis

    Pontils with dimples? With letters and numbers?

    The bump or "mammilon" is NOT a pontil scar. It is a cast of a mold vent.
  5. Harry Pristis

    North Texas Bottle and Collectibles Show

    Please post images of the show bottles for those of us who can't possibly attend!
  6. Harry Pristis

    Is this a bottle for the blind

    Here's one:
  7. Harry Pristis

    BIM mucilage & inkwell

    Nice comparison image. Here's mine:
  8. Harry Pristis

    Heinz Horseradish ?

    The lip finish appears to be TOC20.
  9. Harry Pristis

    H Heye

    Heye produced quite a variety of bottles for export, including demijohns. Below is one of those demijohns. "1987" (liters) = ~5 gallons. Born in 1792, Caspar Hermann Heye created the Hermann Heye company, a jobber in glass products. By 1821, Heye was a major trading house. [Heye] opened a...
  10. Harry Pristis

    Small Jar with separate compartment modded in neck.

    These ink bottles were still in use in the 1950s and 1960s when ball-point pens were taking over the market for ink pens.
  11. Harry Pristis

    Favorite Jugs

    Here's one I dug in an orange grove next to a fallen shack: Few things upset Ocala’s prominent whiskey distiller, George Carmichael more than the growing sentiment on behalf of temperance that was about to force a referendum on the wet-dry issue in late 1887. As the owner of several saloons...
  12. Harry Pristis

    Favorite Jugs

    Here's a stoneware canning jar, perhaps a WIERS PATENT, flawless, but is missing the bail and the top. I dug this one, but couldn't find the top. If someone here has an extra top, we should talk about making this jar complete.
  13. Harry Pristis

    Favorite Jugs

    Here's a colorful example from Jax, Florida, dating to the TOC20. Chas. Blum & Co. 309-311 W. Bay Jacksonville, FL 1895 - 1905 offering: Blum's Sylvan Glen - $3.20/gallon Blum's Monogram - $4.20/gallon
  14. Harry Pristis

    Favorite Jugs

    Here's another river find. I had to restore the handle. Two gallons. This ovoid form dates to the early 1800s, I believe.
  15. Harry Pristis

    Favorite Jugs

    Here's a broken jug I just couldn't leave behind where I found it in a Carolina river. I searched that river bend for a good while (no viz, groping) but didn't find any more of it. It's a "Bellarmine" or Bartmann jug from (probably) the late 1600s.

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