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Recent content by Harry Pristis

  1. Harry Pristis

    why would a bottle have a rounded bottom,cannot stand on it's own

    Ken . . . Your post is a mix of fact and fancy. The fanciful: Are you asserting that your ginger ale bottle collection is a reliable representation of the numbers and shapes of all ginger ale bottles of the era? (Five times more flat bottomed bottles than round!) Round bottom bottles were...
  2. Harry Pristis

    Neat decanter but cant find one like it.

    Pinch or "dimple" bottle: John Haig & Company Limited Principle Brands Dimple 12 year old Dimple 15 year Old Also Known as Pinch in The USA Market Haig Gold Label The Haig whisky distilling dynasty can rightfully lay claim to be the oldest Scotch whisky distillers having being active...
  3. Harry Pristis

    1890s Pickle?

    I like your pickle jar. I find these wide-mouth jars particularly interesting. Rarely, one of these large bottles is found in colored glass, and these bring big bucks. I agree that these jars date to the 1870 -1900 era.
  4. Harry Pristis

    Mystery bottle No 1

    My guess is it's a TOC20 British turn-mold ale bottle.
  5. Harry Pristis

    Lady's Leg

    Likely a bitters from 1860-80. These examples are not all bitters, and are a bit earlier.
  6. Harry Pristis

    capers bottle

    Nice find! Capers for certain, but early 1800s, not late. A French import. Doesn't it have a pontil scar? My example was recovered in Florida.
  7. Harry Pristis

    Cathedral pickle found at the thrift store

    Nice find! It's no doubt from the late 1800s. These don't bring the big bucks that the four-sided bottles can bring, but they do sell for around $100 when a buyer turns up.
  8. Harry Pristis

    What are these little guys?

    Bottle stoppers. The stem had a wrap of cork which sealed the bottle. These were used on a variety of bottles, from sauces to whiskey flasks.
  9. Harry Pristis

    Underwoods Ink Bottle

    The form is that of a mucilage bottle.
  10. Harry Pristis

    Dairy information that no longer is in business.

    Are you checking with the local county library? The reference librarian will check the city directories and possibly old newspapers for you for this sort of info.
  11. Harry Pristis

    Need help with an early bottle pulled out of a river!!!

    An 1890 - 1910 bottle. Soak it in a laundry bleach solution, and photograph it agoin. (By the 1870s, American glasshouses were using a snapcase, not a pontil rod.)
  12. Harry Pristis

    Anyone have info on this one?

    Vast numbers of these bottles full of ginger ale were exported from the UK to the USA. Same with stoneware bottles full of ale. These were occasionally called "ballast bottles" because they were heavy in large numbers, and were routinely loaded first (lowest) in the cargo hatches. Low in...
  13. Harry Pristis

    Anyone have info on this one?

    For illustration:
  14. Harry Pristis

    Ink Bottles?

    Could have been used for ink or tack dressing or just about anything. Is there any residue on the interior of the bottles?

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