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    NEEDING TO SELL Bottle Collectors items....

    Thanks so much! Very kind of you.
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    Bottles and Bottle for sale

    These are available in Richmond Hill Ontario. 47 crates that belonged to my father. Not sure what to ask - so any help would be appreciated. Even a lower price to sell them. Someone appreciating it would be lovely as well. Thanks everyone!! Lynette
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    Bottles and Bottles for sale

    Bottles for sale for a collector or a collector to be. My dad had these and there are 47 crates. I posted on another part of this but perhaps this is the right place. Available in Richmond Hill Ontario. Not sure even what to ask for them. Any insight would be great. Someone to love and...
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    NEEDING TO SELL Bottle Collectors items....

    Thanks - Any idea what I should ask for the lost or for any? Totally out of my ballpark here. Again Hearing a low price is okay. Enjoyment is key.
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    NEEDING TO SELL Bottle Collectors items....

    Thanks Marty. Someone is interested. Any suggestion what I should ask? There are 47 crates not 57. Some mason jars etc. (I'm doing this for my mother). The crate is 1.00 and then I'm lost. Any help from anyone would be great. Even a low ball price to accept, I am happy to hear about...
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    NEEDING TO SELL Bottle Collectors items....

    I have several bottles that a newbie could start an entire collection or someone interested could add to their collection. This is available in Richmond Hill Ontario. Pickup Sunday between 9:30am -1:30pm Not sure yet, how much to ask- but it was my fathers and we need to move forward. Giving...
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    Various bottles for sale (Lot sale)

    We have multiple old bottles to sell in the Richmond Hill Ontario area. Many were found near an Indigenous long house. Others purchased throughout Ontario. Looking for a buyer to make an offer and take all. More information will be provided to those interested. Text only ….if interested...

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