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Recent content by hemihampton

  1. hemihampton

    A few bottles I found lately

    First Bottle I think they call a Snuff Bottle? Dixieland looks like a good one. Welcome to the site. LEON.
  2. hemihampton

    Green John Ryan 1866

    In General, I see them on ebay all the time. And those Auctions, You see the Indian Queen Bitters, Ear of Corn Bitters, Plantation Bitters all the same old common Bitters get big bucks, not because they are rare but Desirable I guess. I got some rare Bitters hundred times rarer then those but...
  3. hemihampton

    The bottle gods work in mysterious ways.

    To suspend you'll need stopples. The ones I use from Jar Doctor are about 6 inches long each. SO, That means about 12 inches of your Tube will not be holding a Bottle. You'll have 4 inches of room to tumble a 4 inch bottle? Unless you can make your own shorter stopples? Good Luck. LEON.
  4. hemihampton

    Green John Ryan 1866

    They seem to get big money for a somewhat common bottle?
  5. hemihampton

    my sad missed digging opportunities story. cautionary tale

    2,000 Bottles from a Cistern, Sounds good to me, even 200 would sound good. I'd settle for 20. I say this because I started digging a Cistern not long ago. But never got back to finish it yet. mainly because of the Covid, We started just before it hit. BUT, Now my Buddy don't want to go back &...
  6. hemihampton

    A few more yesterday

    The good news is as long as it has a little patch or little bit of visible paint good chance I can tell you what it is & Identify. Maybe wash the dirt off it & e-mail me a pic of it with small color patch showing to hemihampton@wowway.com THANKS, LEON.
  7. hemihampton

    The bottle gods work in mysterious ways.

    I don't think that looks long enough?
  8. hemihampton

    The dump she does provide.

    Nice looking Bottle. Congrats. LEON.
  9. hemihampton

    Dug 2 Privy's this weekend.

    72 bengal.
  10. hemihampton

    Dug 2 Privy's this weekend.

    Is this VIC? Yes it is a 70 Charger. Unfortunately I had to sell it Recently. BUT, I still got my rare one of 2 known to exist 1972 Bengal Charger. And 66 Mustang.. LEON.
  11. hemihampton

    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    Nice Vernors. Some of my Beers you mentioned.
  12. hemihampton

    New Art Deco Soda.

    robbybobby derailed us.
  13. hemihampton

    Probe question

    Because I have access to Welders & grinding stone wheel/Bench Griner I easily shape mine nice & smooth on end. No Globby Blob for me. LEON.
  14. hemihampton

    A couple late 1800’s beer bottles

    they look older then 1890's to me? But I'm no expert, just a guess. LEON.

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