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Recent content by hemihampton

  1. hemihampton

    Two mystery bottles!

    Grafton made a Hutch, you'll find them in Privy's. Good luck. LEON. P.S. Check out link below...
  2. hemihampton

    Worst day of my life...Heartbreaker city

    I Thought Dewfus would answer that question, but after making 5 post a day he seems to have suddenly gone AWOL/MIA????
  3. hemihampton

    Patented Pride closure ?

    I've seen that top a few times but they are not common. I thought some called it the Pry Off top before. LEON.
  4. hemihampton


    Welcome, do you got any pics of your finds? LEON.
  5. hemihampton

    Double Eagle / E.C. Booz / Scroll Quarts

    I can say this Clasped Hands Flask I dug recently has much more value to me then some of the ones I bought. I do both, Dig them & Buy the ones I can't seem to dig. What sucks is when you buy one you can't seem to dig & right after buying you then dig one. LEON.
  6. hemihampton

    Bitters & others in different colors.

    OK, Thanks for the Advise, Sounds like I'll be getting Glass. Didn't think the plexiglass would sage. With everything in lock down, not sure when that will be? LEON.
  7. hemihampton

    strange jar I've found twice

    I 3rd that, some kind of condiments. common.
  8. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    I asked when they started that Statement which I thought was in the early 1930's because, if this bottle doesn't have the statement it either came after like the other poster suspected OR, It came before which is what I originally suspected then thought maybe didn't have it because it was...
  9. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    The Bottom of the Kings Ransom sez William Whitely & Co. Scotland Leith. SO, Since this was imported & not a American made Whiskey or Whisky would that make it null & void of the Federal Statement & explain why it is not there? LEON.
  10. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    What year did they start using that Federal Law Prohibits?
  11. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    Wow, still in the 1980's. What year is the Ad you Posted? THANKS, LEON.
  12. hemihampton

    Worst day of my life...Heartbreaker city

    OK, I got your answer what it is. Here's mine. Since It's not from Michigan it's for Sale. Original stopper included as extra bonus. LEON.
  13. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    I don't usually keep these newer 1930's or 40's plain looking Flask Slicks but I liked the Cool Green Color on this one. LEON.
  14. hemihampton

    Dug a Kings Ransom.

    These are the other bottles dug with the Kings Ransom. Anybody know anything about the MR. Chile? Leon.

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