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    New treasures scored at an auction/estate sale!

    What treasures!!!!! Great rare finds!!! I too have found treasures in auction "lot boxes" that nobody realizes and have purchased them extremely cheap!!! Most of the times bidders didn't know what was in these boxes! Congrats to you, keep on treasure hunting!!! historic-antiques
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    Dr. Spivey's Asthma Cure bottles w/original labels, packaging, "fact booklet"

    Thanks, RobbyRobby64 for your comments. Since I was a kid, I've always collected "old" things and have a hodge-podge array of "old things'! Some of them are quite rare and valuable. People laugh at my interest in preserving these things for future generations, but when I visit the Smithsonian...
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    What did this bottle have inside? Honey? Oil?

    Hi Harry, Wow!! You have some great images, one of which seems like my bottle! Yes, could have been a pepper sauce bottle. Kind of fancy for that, after being used to seeing many Tabasco and Lea-Perrin's bottles from the 1890s. How old do you think the middle bottle is? That's like mine...
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    What did this bottle have inside? Honey? Oil?

    Thanks again CanadianBottles! You know a lot to make such analyses! Yes, the mold seam stops about 1 inch from the top, not what you might expect from an open-pontiled U.S. bottle. Now that you mentioned it, it does seem a little "European" or French; more stylistic with gentle, rounded...
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    Dr. Spivey's Asthma Cure bottles w/original labels, packaging, "fact booklet"

    Hi CanadianBottles, Thanks for your response! Yes, I will assume they are rare, so I will continue to store them out of all light and wrapped in acid-free paper, and at reasonable temperatures. I don't think these were very successful, maybe several years during the 1890s, though one...
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    What did this bottle have inside? Honey? Oil?

    Hi Everyone, I picked this bottle up in an antique store for $5, 11 years ago in Lake Geneva, WI. Any idea what it contained? There's an open pontil and crude lip, and the bottle company's initials, but not sure how old it is. Any info or ideas would be great! Thanks! Paul
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    Dr. Spivey's Asthma Cure bottles w/original labels, packaging, "fact booklet"

    Hi Everyone, I may have posted these bottles years ago, maybe somebody out there knows more about them at this time. They are embossed with "Dr. Spivey" and "Oxford, Ohio" on the sides and back panel. Are these rare, maybe because of the paper labels, packaging, and booklets? What's the...
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    My very first dug bottle ever

    That's a nice, little, old bottle!! Never stop searching, you will find many more, and even older bottles, never give up because there are tons of them!!! Some people make fun of my collecting and preserving habits. After 50+ years of leisurely collecting antiques (including digging bottles...
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    Some finds from Peoria, Illinois

    Yes, the name Sargent's sounds familiar, but I'm not sure. And yes, glass bottles aren't the only valuable containers - we've got lots of fine pottery jugs and bottles out there! Oh, you already sold that penguin bottle! I didn't think it would take long! On hutch sodas, I've seen...
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    Some finds from Peoria, Illinois

    If you're near an urban area, or even a smaller town that has a McDonald's or Taco Bell, or even a small college, you will probably be able to use their WiFi . Yes, exactly, dig out the overhangs as you dig a cave. I did that too, and I often found some nice things in these overhangs! I...
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    Some finds from Peoria, Illinois

    Hi Drift, you might be interested:
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    Some finds from Peoria, Illinois

    Some nice bottles! Love that penguin bottle, I NEVER saw a penguin embossed on a bottle before - old or new. What's even more impressive at this point is that you are giving up home comforts to travel to all 50 states to hunt for bottles!! Wow!!! That is dedication!! Where will you store...
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    Best find of the day before the weather moved in on me.

    Hi, great-looking medicine, never saw one like it. One clue to age is the mold seams if it has any. If they go through the lip, it was made by an automatic bottle machine, post-1903. If the seam does NOT reach the lip, it's probably pre-1903. I haven't kept up with all the new discoveries...
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    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    Wouldn't it be great if it did cure it? Hopefully, nothing like this occurs with COVID-19 cures and vaccines!! Great bottle and with its original label!!! Hard to find nowadays!! Thanks for posting it!!
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    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    Hi Everyone, This is one of my favorites (2 of them), found in the basement of an old, beautiful, house in Chicago, built during the 1870s. Pretty tall, around 8 inches high! They were never used so the original "medicine" is still inside. I also include an image of the "instructions...

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