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Recent content by Humabdos

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    "A lot of bottle collectors have gone underground"

    Let not start bashing Oregonians "friend" [:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@][:@]
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    Dexter's Stain Remover

    Dexter's Stain Remover advertised as "a cure & remedy for sick glass ... for all stained antique glass ... mineral, rust, and calcium deposits". Send inquiries with SASE to 15140 Washington St., Riverside, CA 92506.
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    "A lot of bottle collectors have gone underground"

    Very well said Citydigger! Archaeological sites: What the Oregon law says: A person may not knowingly and intentionally excavate, injure, destroy or alter an archaeological site or object on public or private lands without first obtaining an archaeological permit, according to a series of...
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    "A lot of bottle collectors have gone underground"

    This really sucks! Let's see now the stuff my dad threw out in the back yard 75 years ago now belongs to the state? F$%# that! Our governor lets in 100,000 illegal aliens to ruin our state now they want to stop us from digging up our history? Do you think the Mexicans give a shat about our...
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    total newbie needs help

    Make sure you get permission before you dig! If you dig on Indian land you might end up in prison along with paying a huge fine. Glen
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    Local Druggists

    Wow that was a nice lot of bottles! Too bad the photos he took suck! He would have made twice that much with good photos. Glen
  7. H

    10-8 dig finds

    Pottery lid shard Oregon pottery Co. ?
  8. H

    10-8 dig finds

    Flintlock with square nail repair to hammer.
  9. H

    10-8 dig finds

    I've been diging on an 1850's homestead site for over a year now here in Oregon. Today I found this stuff about two feet down in an ash layer. I'm fairly sure the pottery shard is from the Oregon Pottery Co. (also known as Buena Vista Pottery )Founded in 1866 about a two hour horse ride from...
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    some good stuff on e-bay

    Very nice job Matt! Your story about finding your first bottle reminds me of Jed Clampett shooting his squirrl rifle and hitting oil! Nice pics. Glen
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    The REAL reason why they call it POP!!!!

    I say his mommy dressed him funny![:D]
  12. H


    I was joking. Looks like he filled it yesterday[:D]. I'm not sure what it's worth I'm guessing maybe $20 ?
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    Here's a rare full Coke!! [:D][:D][:D] http://cgi.ebay.com/OLD-Vintage-RARE-ROOT-Glass-Coca-Cola-Coke-Bottle-FULL_W0QQitemZ180165668531QQihZ008QQcategoryZ39500QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    Funny how all his bottles look like that! What a rip off!
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    Pontiled Ships Urinal

    RE: Piss jug That piss jug just hit $104! [:D][:D][:D]

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