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Recent content by iggyworf

  1. iggyworf

    Teem cardboard carrier

    Nice, looks foreign. I have a lot of Teem bottles.
  2. iggyworf

    Teem cardboard carrier

    Sugar Free Teem Bottles are hard to come by. Check out this Sugar Free Teem piece. Interesting. I would like to have it but..Whoa...
  3. iggyworf

    Pepsi what does anyone know about it

    I agree with bottle-bud. It looks like it's from 1942. According to the numbers on the bottom.
  4. iggyworf

    Rare Mountain Dew bottle HillyBilly

    According to the Mountain Dew Hillbilly bottle book,(Dick Bridgforth) the bible on hillbilly bottles, your bottle is worth about 30$. Now it lists several variations of the Dean And Dick bottle. One of which lists at 300$
  5. iggyworf

    KIST 28 oz lunkers!

    I just recently got these 2 28 oz Kist bottles. I normally don't collect Kist but couldn't pass these 2 big monsters up. I like the bigger ounce bottles a lot and both of these are from my home state, Michigan. Iron Mountain Mi, in the Upper Peninsula. Both seem to have original contents(but...
  6. iggyworf

    32oz mountain dew 1977 n 1978

    I would think a single bottle is worth anywhere from 10$ to 20$. A whole six pack might be harder to sell. maybe 40$. Hopefully others will chime in with more opinions.
  7. iggyworf

    Reverse swirl Pepsi on ebay now.

    The bottle went for 203$!
  8. iggyworf

    Reverse swirl Pepsi on ebay now.

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-RARE-PEPSI-RETURNABLE-ACL-RETURNABLE-YOU-GET-BOTH-FOR-DISPLAY/154053342566?hash=item23de4b7566:g:PXsAAOSw5XRfPuV4 I currently have 4 of these bottles. It's the 1st one in the pic
  9. iggyworf

    Old Dr Pepper and 7up ?

    I believe that is a legit 8 bubble 7up. I have a few like that. Not from that city but with only 7 bubbles on the neck. There were no 8 bubble bottles into the 50's as far as i am aware of. 1946 is the latest I am aware of. It' a good one though. Are there any markings on the lip or crown area?
  10. iggyworf

    ebay soda scam.

    Sorry to say I never trusted that seller..
  11. iggyworf

    ebay soda scam.

    Yes Bob, been studying my bottle intently after reading this post. My 'Root 32 7up' label measures apprx. 3 1/2 wide by 2 1/4 high with many pixelated dots in the bands.
  12. iggyworf

    8 bubble 7up with ribbed neck

    Love that bottle. It is in good shape also.
  13. iggyworf

    ebay soda scam.

    Just seen this post and agree with everyone. Nice label, wrong bottle. I think I have seen this one before on ebay from that seller.
  14. iggyworf

    Paper labels on squat Amber 7up bottle

    It's hard to say if they are fake or real and put back on the bottle by someone. I am sure some people put on remakes of old labels back onto bottles and try to sell them for authentic. Although I have some PL 7ups and others I try to stay away from certain ones. the bottle is for sure real...
  15. iggyworf

    First Pepsi bottle find

    Those cleaned up well. I have one of those also. I agree, somewhat common in the USA. Always cool finding them in the wild.

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