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Recent content by iggyworf

  1. iggyworf

    Error Coke bottle

    Yep sorry Brittany, They are correct. The bottle is not worth but maybe 1$. But I love your Enthusiasm! Keep looking!
  2. iggyworf

    Bob's cola

    I got it for my brother who's name is Bob of course but havn't given it to him yet. lol
  3. iggyworf

    Bob's cola

    Cool! I just recently got one of those also.
  4. iggyworf

    Seven Up swim bottle no city on back

    All mine(USA) say this on the front. Don't have any that have 'Trade Mark Reg'D' on them. But a very common back label.
  5. iggyworf

    Pepsi Whale Soda dark green bottle.

    Pepsi's collector guide(James C Ayers) lists this one. 1929, rarity 2-3. Price 65$. from 1995. Great bottle!
  6. iggyworf

    Royal Crown Beverages Bottle

    I have seen that one before but I don't think its to common. What is on the bottom of it?
  7. iggyworf

    Faygo Flee Mkt find!

    Went to the big Utica Mi outdoor flee mkt yesterday. It was cancelled all last year because of covid.(Most people including me and my girlfriend were still safe by wearing masks). I found this quart size green Faygo bottle. I knew it had a paper label but it was only 5$. So I added it to my...
  8. iggyworf

    6 1/2 oz. Whistle Soda Pop Bottle

    I have one like that also!
  9. iggyworf

    new FAYGO Bottle, Detroit.

    Excellent! Don't have that one.
  10. iggyworf

    2 embossed soda's

    I agree, Love the big orange pop!
  11. iggyworf

    Paper Label - Worth Collecting? Curious what the view is.

    Been wanting to post some of my PL bottles. Here are most of mine. I guess 'Foil Labels' would be a sub heading of PL bottles also. I have a bunch of them also. 'Plastic' labels also.
  12. iggyworf

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Jbeas31! Hey man. Doin good. That's a possibility with it being a Crush bottle. But I don't know Crush that well.
  13. iggyworf

    Unique 7 oz 7up bottle.

    Very cool! Another one I have never seen.
  14. iggyworf

    Unique Embossed 7up

    I have been collecting 7up for about 10 yrs and have never seen one like that. Excellent! That's a new one.

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