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Recent content by Ineedainfo

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    Laurens Glass Works History

    Anybody out there can fill me in on this 3 Centa bottle....a barn find in NC. Has the LGW on the bottom base with the number 3 code. Any info. about this bottle would be much appreciated.
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    The Original 3 Centa Drink - Cities?

    Howdy...late in the game now I know....have discovered a 3 Centa bottle in my collection that only has a LGW and the number 3 marking on the bottom base. Anybody out there who can fill me in on what I have here would be appreciated. Thinking was made in NC since it is where I found it as a...
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    3 Centa Bottle Expertise Needed

    Thank you for the feedback.
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    3 Centa Bottle Expertise Needed

    I looked more closely at the bottom....you are absolutely correct...it is a G and not a C upon closer inspection. I will do the homework suggested on date code. Based on what I have read online thus far, have not seen anything about an LGC marking on the bottom of 3 Centa bottles?....just...
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    3 Centa Bottle Expertise Needed

    Hello folks out there on this forum! Hopeful some of you out there can provide me some feedback on a 3 Centa bottle I found in a barn. See the pictures. Needing some expertise with details about the bottle, year make, where made and probable selling value would be great. The picture of the...

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