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Recent content by jarhead67

  1. J

    Green wide mouth barrel

    I've got one near similar, it had a gold leaf type label applied to it. It's all but faded away, but if I find it, I'll try to get a photo that will pick it up. No name to be found, but there were laurel like leaves around it if I remember correctly.
  2. J

    Various Vicks Vaporubs

    Vicks VapoRub was THE most widely used remedy during the Spanish Flu of 1918, both at home and in hospital. It put them on the map, so to speak, and they continue in business today because of it. You can research some interesting info on it's popularity of the time and it's connections to that...
  3. J

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    When I got into digging as a kid, we would go to the Ogden dump north of Salt Lake. The dump was so thik with material, we would literally dig into the pit walls and just let it fall into the buckets and then bring back in the truck to go through. I was after bottles, but we would find pottery...
  4. J

    Dump Truck Finds

    I used to collect the color run on those Owen Casey sodas. They are quite collectible as there are a wide range of shades from deep blue through green, but some cornflower or light aqua ones being the harder to find. Mostly 1860's with some variants. Very early California soda. Most buyers might...
  5. J

    Age Query

    Looks like a bottle of mucilage like my great grandfather had on his desk. Love the old office type stuff with labels. Make a bland office look great.
  6. J

    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Wow. Makes you wonder. Nice bottle, great sale.
  7. J

    NEW SOFTWARE LIVE - Please Report issues here

    I tried the 11/20, 11/27 and the latest, 12/4 and none will open, just the dead link page.
  8. J

    NEW SOFTWARE LIVE - Please Report issues here

    My email links show up as a broken link when clicking on the post links "We can’t connect to the server at link.threadloom.antique-bottles.net." LOVE the new look and feel.
  9. J

    Help identifying this Root Coca Cola Bottle

    The design looks like underground roots from a tree, perhaps a play on their Root namesake. Interesting pattern.
  10. J

    Paper labeled pre-prohibition labeled whiskeys.

    Would love to see some pictures of your bottles.
  11. J

    Amber Armours Bottle

    Prune juice?
  12. J

    Union Soda Water Company / St. Louis, Missouri

    Thanks for the great presentations. More inspiration to get my bottles unpacked and back on the walls.
  13. J

    Corn wart skin bottle!:)

    Right up there with the Arctic Frost Bite Cure.
  14. J

    Found this one Today. Haan's Grand Rapids?

    Looks like hand cut lettering on that mold. Love the look of it.
  15. J

    Damaged Old Sachem Bitters And Wigwam Tonic Bottle Value

    Yup, you're right. Amber looks right. Amazing how it looks after I came back and looked at it again. Maybe my monitor was toning on me. Or maybe a trip to my ophthalmologist is in order.

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