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  1. J

    Newest ball jar

    You know none of these are actually Ball jars, right? The first one was made by the Hero Glassworks, the middle one by any number of glass houses (a chance it could be Ball) and the last one by Libbey Glass. That being said, nice jars!
  2. J

    How many versions are there.

    Yes, zinc lid liners are made of milk glass. However the industry has referred to them as "porcelain" since the beginning. Therefore, I've always considered "milk glass" and "porcelain" to be interchangeable when referring to zinc lids. I've seen zinc lid liners in milky aqua, amethyst...
  3. J

    How many versions are there.

    Porcelain lined zinc lids were made for about 100 years, by several different manufacturers. If you're only collecting the liners that came inside Ball zinc lids, you may already be pretty close to everything they made. However, some of the really old lids come with the company logo (CFJ Co. ...
  4. J

    White House vinegar

    Thanks for the clarification! I don't collect the apple jugs, just the jars so I'm not knowledgeable in that realm.
  5. J

    White House vinegar

    Great find! So often you find the jar but no glass insert or screw band. The screw band on this jar isn't a regular size, so you did well to find a complete one. You should have no trouble selling if that's what you want to do. (I think the figural apples are Speas, but I'm not sure) I have...
  6. J

    Mini fruit jar cap 2nd one ive found

    Your zinc lid liner goes to what's known as a Tudor Rose jar, rosette visible on the reverse side.
  7. J

    Tiny Ball Jar... Is It the Real Deal?

    Ball did not make mini banks, but Atlas did. Here are a few examples
  8. J

    Tiny Ball Jar... Is It the Real Deal?

    RNorwood, please note the S & P jars with the blue & white lids are embossed Ball Mason, not Ball Perfect Mason. Ball issued these jars starting in 1974.
  9. J

    Dating ATLAS jars.

    Atlas E-Z Seal jars were made for about 40 years. In the 1920's, they were old-style neck with a full wire bail. (see green jar attached). Then came the beaded neck full wire bail. (see amber jar). Starting in the mid to late 1930's they used various styles of dimple neck with the T dimples...
  10. J

    Authentic Buffalo Jar ??

    Looks legit to me. Have never heard of a repro Buffalo jar in aqua, only in amber. Redbook 12 prices it at $175 - $225. Enjoy!
  11. J

    Tiny Ball Jar... Is It the Real Deal?

    The salesman sample jars are exactly the same salt & pepper shaker jars that were found at the Chicago world's fair in 1939. The only difference being that instead of a solid zinc lid & tiny jar rubber, the jars came with holes punched in the lids. So, while the Salesman Sample jar regularly...
  12. J

    Cobalt Blue Beaver Lid

    Looks like it's going to sell for a really good price, no matter which jar it's actually made for! As a Johnson & Johnson jar lid, it's still missing the screw band which can be pretty hard to find. As a Beaver lid, I don't see it going for much more than what it's already selling for anyway.
  13. J

    Cobalt Blue Beaver Lid

    Is this your lid? https://www.ebay.com/itm/283861594586
  14. J


    You will be much more likely to get an answer if you post your question on a new thread. That way, answers to your question won't get mixed up with comments on ajohn's post. Please post a photo of your jar, the mouth and the base. I am not familiar with it as you describe it, but someone...
  15. J

    can anybody get me close on dating these jars

    "There is a manner of dating Balls by closely examining the script, ie: the L loops, the underscore, the style of the a and etc." I believe this is the chart treeguyfred was referring to.

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