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  1. J

    thousands of bottles maybe more

    I haven't been on abn for awhile. Did anything ever come of this post? Anyone buy any bottles? My first thought when she said she is in Deming NM was this might be Zang Wood's collection. He has been collecting hutchs for over 40 years. But he is in Farmington, NM which is about 6 hours...
  2. J

    Clear Sprite Bottle?

    Those clear Sprite bottles were only used in Houston and El Campo, Texas as far as I know. They turn up here in Texas once in awhile but are not common at all.
  3. J

    east Texas bottles

    Bottles from those towns are out there but very hard to find for some reason. I have been buying and selling Texas bottles for 40 years and hardly ever see those towns. I will have many Texas soda bottles for sale at Cole's Antique Show in Warrenton, Tx Sept 25 - Oct 4.
  4. J

    if you sell/ship bottles free shipping tubes available

    $5.35 is a good rate, especially if the package was over 13 ounces. For 13 ounces and less I ship in an unmarked box (not Priority Mail) by First Class mail and the cost is under $4. I use the white baseball card boxes but they cost about 40 cents each. If you can find some small boxes for...
  5. J

    Beer bottle collection for sale

    I have found little demand for labeled beer bottles that age, especially foreign bottles. Craigslist, you might find someone who doesn't know any better.
  6. J

    2014 FOHBC National Antique Bottle Show - Lexington, KY - August 1-3

    Selling was OK but buying was better. I got a mint Dr Petzold's German Bitters and some blob top sodas for my collection. Bought 4 different Oklahoma Territory hutchinsons from one vendor. Bringing lots of nice bottles back to Texas.The displays were great. I have some pictures but can't...
  7. J

    Rare Rhode Island Hutch up on eBay

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-WESTERN-1880-Hutchinson-Soda-Bottle-Beebe-Taft-Co-Wardner-Idaho-Territory-/261534293246?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3ce4a89cfeThis Idaho Territory hutch just sold for over $3000.
  8. J

    Rare Rhode Island Hutch up on eBay

    The RI sold for $1825 with two bids. I bid on his Texas hutch $655. and got second place.
  9. J

    Otto Francke Bottling Works Elgin, Texas

    Brad, glad to have you on ABN. I'm in Victoria, Tx. I have one Elgin bottle that I can think of but can't get to it right now. It is a clear glass deco soda bottle with stars ELGIN BOTTLING WORKS and is marked 3 Rivers, which dates it from 1920s-30s. I don't have a price on it but we set up...
  10. J

    Please Help Med Bottle 60cc with whittling and bubbles.

    I don't know what a Six panel bottle means either but even from the poor pictures that bottle is easy to identify as an unembossed drug store prescription bottle. Since it has no embossed pharmacy name on it that bottle is not worth anything. If you find some similar style bottles with the...
  11. J

    if you sell/ship bottles free shipping tubes available

    The Regional Rate boxes are flat rate for up to a certain weight, but the rate varies by different areas of the country. I know that sounds strange but here is how it works. Box A up to 15 pounds costs about what it would cost to send a 1-2 pound package by regular Priority Mail to any...
  12. J

    Lantern style music box decanter? Help please.

    Thank you, Jim. I've been kinda busy. We are moving to a different town 50 miles away. Not just a regular move with household items and furniture. Add 5000 bottles and 10,000 sports programs and 3 million baseball cards and other collectibles. This is gonna take awhile.
  13. J


    The Tree of Life bottle is a modern reproduction. The others appear mostly 1930s-40s. Please post more pictures when you start to get the bottles sorted.
  14. J

    if you sell/ship bottles free shipping tubes available

    I use those to ship rolled up posters but never tried it on bottles. For bottles I usually use the Priority Mail Shoebox or the Regional Rate A and B boxes. Those are free from USPS also.
  15. J

    Lantern style music box decanter? Help please.

    Here is the one I have. It is a whiskey bottle from Park & Tilford Distillers, Lousiville, Ky. The bottle is embossed FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS ... it must not be worth much, I ran it on ebay for $9.99 and did not get a bid. If anyone is interested I'd trade this for something.jay

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