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    Pre 1930 green orange crush bottle

    Wow! Very nice. Never seen that one.
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    found a Coca Cola door push / sign from 40's

    Would you be interested in selling it?
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    10 oz amber orange crush bottle found at thrift store

    Nice find! I still need a 10oz for my collection. When I have seen any they cost too much.
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    Wow! Thats amazing.
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    Schlitz Bottle

    Excellent! Thank you. No I'm in Saskatchewan Canada. Not sure how that bottle got here.
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    Schlitz Bottle

    Cool, thanks
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    Schlitz Bottle

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    Schlitz Bottle

    I also have an early Schlitz i know nothing about. Here are a few pics if anyone has any enlightenment.
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    10 0z sprite bottle

    Interesting. I've never actually seen one with embossed lettering b4 either. They are usually white acl.
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    Canadian Cone Top Soda Cans.

    I'm from Saskatchewan and I've never heard of lucky strike soda. Never seen Mission in cans either. Nice collection. I think the prairies missed out.
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    Anyone have old unopened bottles?

    My full cans and bottles.

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