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Recent content by JForshey

  1. J

    Wierd mason hook logo jar price?

    I have one that's more of an aqua color. It's a shepherd's crook.
  2. J

    Alcoa Dairy milk bottle

    Owens-Illinois Glass company made the bottle. The plant code is either 8 or 18 , so either Glassboro, NJ plant or Columbus Ohio plant. Sorry I know nothing about the dairy, just noticed the marks on the bottom of the bottle. I have an old qt milk bottle but it doesn't have any marks like that. I...
  3. J

    Please help! Ball Mason's N Patent Nov 30th 1858 1/2 gallon

    Looked it up in Red book. It appears to be # 263-5. It agrees with you that it should be mid 1890's. It shows the value for half gallon aqua as $35-40. Keep in mind, things are worth what someone will pay for them. Red book doesn't label things as "rare" that I can tell, but the price means it's...
  4. J

    Another Speas repro to be aware of

    Thanks! I did notice that mine says "half gallon" on it near the base. I knew it wasn't a reproduction, but then was curious as to how long ago they were made. I'm pretty certain a farmer and his wife did not buy a fake jar. The number of "mayonnaise jars" in my grandmother's pump house when she...
  5. J

    Another Speas repro to be aware of

    Hi, I realize this is a ten year old post, but I have a Speas vinegar jar (not the ginger jar, this one has a handle), but it says "U-sav-it" on the back. When were "reproductions" done? This jar was found among jars that haven't been touched for years. Ok, decades. it appears to be a half gallon.
  6. J

    Anybody know what the S stands for? Please and thank you!

    Red Book also says the clear quart or half gallon is worth $50-75, even if you can't call it rare, it's still worth something. And it's a good-looking jar!
  7. J

    -Atlas- Mason's Patent Jar with mixed color.

    Funny. That's the highest value I've heard for any of my jars! So the ugly one stays! Of course, I like the clear ones, and broke one I'd never seen before last weekend. Sterling Mason. Hmph. It was actually cracked, which I didn't see when I picked it up, but then I washed it anyway and it...
  8. J

    -Atlas- Mason's Patent Jar with mixed color.

    Thanks so much for your input! Amazing that such an ugly jar can be worth so much more than my other pretty ones!
  9. J

    Unusual glass jar lid with patent dates

    Thanks, I will have to research those kind of jars!
  10. J

    -Atlas- Mason's Patent Jar with mixed color.

    What color is this jar? It seems to be mixed of green and brown/yellow, but the top part seems to be aqua. Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks. The top is pretty sharp, not smooth.
  11. J

    Unusual glass jar lid with patent dates

    Can anyone tell me anything about this lid? It is glass, rises up in the middle, and has no threads. Doesn't appear to be one of the flat lids you use with a ring either. Definitely not the ceramic insert in a zinc lid. I'll try to attach some pics. In the middle, where it's raised, there...
  12. J

    New member needs info on Mason Jar.

    Thanks for the info jarsnstuff ! I knew it was older than some of mine from the 40's - 60's, but no way to tell for sure. The fact that it cut me while handling it was a hint. It was from a house that hasn't been lived in during my lifetime, but playmates of my Dad lived there.
  13. J

    New member needs info on Mason Jar.

    Thanks! I wasn't sure exactly where to put it!
  14. J

    Jar only says mason

    Jar with mason only

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