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    I'm looking for a bottle from Coplay, Pennsylvania area.

    I'm currently seeking a bottle that say Coplay Bottling Company which was located in Coplay, Pennsylvania area. This bottle has a special meaning behind. My Great Grandparents parents had a Bottling Works business in Coplay,Pennsylvania area around 1906 thur 1929. If any of u have or come...
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    1890's E.R.Durkee Challenge Celery Salt (unopened).

    My dad worked for that company for 45 years.
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    Selling bottles

    I'm selling these two. Asking price are $25.00 a pice. I would like to get rid of quickly as possible. Please contact me by email at
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    WTS Bottle for sale in Michigan

    I'm currently looking to sell the following bottles. 1. I•W•Harper bottles for $25.00 2. Log Cabin Syurp Bottle 1976 for $20.00 If you are interested in these items please contact me by email at
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    Schlitz Bottle

    Are you in the Lehigh Valley area?
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    Northampton or Catasauqua PA items wanted

    I'm looking for a bottle from Coplay Bottling works which was renamed the Rubasky Bottling Works. Which was located at 28 S. Front Street in Coplay, PA. This business was ran by my late Great Grandparents Joseph and Anna Rubacky. I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks JoAnne Rubasky-Kaiman

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