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  1. J

    small pontil pitcher ?

    thanks for the help.......
  2. J

    small pontil pitcher ?

    [attachment=2014_04281112220049.JPG] [attachment=2014_04281112220053.JPG] few more pictures
  3. J

    small pontil pitcher ?

    i have a question on a small glass pitcher that i got out of a box lot in an auction .....didnt even know this was in not too informed on old pontiled glass...not even sure what this thing is...i guess im trying to find any info on this piece and find out if this indeed is a pontil...
  4. J

    Advice for digging an old textile mill

    nice finds so far....if you found a 1915 and a dec 25 coke, you are in a pretty decent age for finding some good bottles.....dont know anything about the oil bottle, but its a great find....the buds bottle is a nice one...if the front acl is as good as the back , its really a great find as they...
  5. J

    Advice for digging an old textile mill

    hey kari , i used to not think much of those mill dumps , but i soon realized they are very good if you find the right spot..we have tons of mills around our area as im sure you know....all these mills had a mill "village". all the houses around the mill where the workers lived, etc...all those...
  6. J

    Dug this ginger ale last weekend

    good one kari , that bottle comes with out the chick springs on it as well....i think the one you dug is the better one......nice find
  7. J

    Oldest ACL Royal Crown Cola Bottle?

    soryy, trying to figure out how to post this a 37? ....its in rough shape as it was dug...not sure how to read the owens-illin. ....
  8. J

    Oldest ACL Royal Crown Cola Bottle?

    [attachment=2014_03221112220053.JPG][attachment=2014_03221112220053.JPG] [attachment=2014_03221112220054.JPG] [attachment=2014_03221112220054.JPG] [attachment=2014_03221112220055.JPG] [attachment=2014_03221112220055.JPG] [attachment=2014_03221112220053.JPG]
  9. J

    help with coca-cola bottle, embossed tested on shoulder

    bob . ill take it for 10 ...this is dan
  10. J

    BIM Hobbleskirt question...

    from what i have read, laurens glass works were the last of the bottling plants to get the machine.the hobbleskirts with tooled crown tops were only made there and only for about 6 months or so......i know there are some s.c. ones that are pretty hard to find.....
  11. J

    EXPENSIVE Chero Cola!

    wow dennis...are the others from florida as well?...i myself had never heard of an amber chero either...thats great to learn........
  12. J


    Re: RE: WANTED: BEER CANS wow, thats crazy.....i will get 5 or 10 when i go back and see about getting them to you....if you can fix em up like that, i would love to see what they are......
  13. J


    Re: RE: WANTED: BEER CANS leon , digging in a spot where many many cone tops are dug up. they are pure rust , and we just leave there a way to clean them up to tell what they once were , or arte they dead and just need to be left at the digging spot?...
  14. J

    Lime cola bottle bottling company of SC

    hey kari , those bottles were bottled in orangeburg s.c. .....there are several versions -including the one above with the embossed lime -- that just read bottling co of s.c. ...they were all bottled in orangeburg......
  15. J

    arrow cola and rainbow ginger ale nc and ga

    tom , look foward to seeing you at the show....i will see if any ga stuff has popped up in the bottles..have not dug much of the GA cheros as i have not been able to dig in the old spot for a long time..they do have plans to flip it upside down soon for construction and i should find alot more...

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