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Recent content by julietinboots

  1. J

    3 rivers embossed stars juice bottle

    Thank you for your help.
  2. 20191203 134549

    20191203 134549

    20191203 134549
  3. 20191203 134541

    20191203 134541

    20191203 134541
  4. 20191203 134535

    20191203 134535

    20191203 134535
  5. J

    3 rivers embossed stars juice bottle

    I have this one from my mother's collection and have done many searches on it. What I've not found is if it is a a special make or one of many. And true value? Somewhere I saw it called a special tribute bottle. Asking the experts. Would add photo but can't see how.
  6. J

    Wanted: Three Rivers Glass Factory Bottles (3 Rivers*, 3R*, or Ball*)

    Are you interested in an embossed stars bottle from 3 rivers?
  7. My mother's bottles

    My mother's bottles

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