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Recent content by Kathryn

  1. K

    J.E Miller Dispensing Chemist - Grahamstown

    Thank you! I'm still finding my way around vintage bottles, recent passion :) Couldn't find info on Google for this bottle, but at least I can date it now.
  2. K

    J.E Miller Dispensing Chemist - Grahamstown

    Does anyone know age and value of this bottle? J.E Miller Dispensing Chemist bottle from Grahamstown, South Africa. I can only find info on a blue bottle, which seems to be very rare. Appreciate any assistance.
  3. K

    Help identifying this bottle

    Thank you. Haven't found it yet, will keep looking.
  4. K

    Threaded stopper with hole down the middle

    Hi Ken, Not sure what the problem is with the pics. They seem fine to me. I'll insert the images again in this message.
  5. K

    Threaded stopper with hole down the middle

    Hi Harry, I looked up the feeding bottles, and there are quite a variety. Some very interesting shapes. Thanks for sharing your stopper.
  6. K

    Help identifying this bottle

    Thank you, I'll look for paper labeled bottles. Reverse image search hasn't found anything either. Do you think the narrowed neck could be for a medicine bottle?
  7. K

    Threaded stopper with hole down the middle

    Thank you! I thought it might have been some type of pouring spout that fitted into the stopper. Found some interesting information on the feeding bottles. :D
  8. K

    Threaded stopper with hole down the middle

    Another new purchase. This threaded stopper has a hole down the middle of it. I can't find any information on it. Can anyone assist, please?
  9. K

    Barnyard find!

    What a nice find! I've been looking for an Eno's bottle, no luck yet. I have two stoppers. Unfortunately, we live rather far apart.
  10. K

    My oldest bottle

    Hi Screwtop I have a similar bottle. Unfortunately, has a small chip on the base. What do you date your bottle to? Lovely little bottle, was first commercially produced in 1849. Apparently the syrup had a high morphine content, resulting in the death of a number of babies, coining the nickname...
  11. K

    Properly Illuminating the Past

    Spirit Bear, this is stunning collection. Thanks for info. Glasshopper, I'm a 'little' older than 21, so remember the faded video boxes.
  12. K

    Stoddard Double Eagle Display

    Beautiful bottles!
  13. K

    Help identifying this bottle

    Does anyone know what this little bottle was used for? Can't find any info on it. Bought it from a vintage shop in South Africa.

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