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Recent content by kenaifrank

  1. K

    Detroit Demolition Find again, Part 2?

    Impressive collection
  2. K

    Detroit Demolition Find again, Part 2?

    Wow what a treasure
  3. K

    Some of my fondest memories were of me digging with my children and the elation when a good...

    Some of my fondest memories were of me digging with my children and the elation when a good bottle was found. Our very first bottle was DR PIERCE’S EXTRACT OF SMARTWEED. They are now adults with children of their own and they proudly display the fruits of our digging and the fond memories of...
  4. K

    Old Rum Bottle find pre1700?

    What a sweet find. it will have a very special meaning for you.
  5. K

    Yellow Green Gem Pre 1900?

    A treasure. I sure wish I found it. It's' definitely pre 1900.
  6. K

    The 1870's Cobalt Blue Privy.

    Nothing more exciting than feeling that clunk of glass in a dig. That was ALOT OF WORK
  7. K

    Dump finds!

    love the little pink one. Ink?. Nice find
  8. K

    I like colored bottles

    What Beauties!
  9. K

    My favorite bottle that I own

    What a beauty
  10. K

    My Heartbreak Collection of Shards n Broken Bottles

    Heartbreaking to see such broken beauty and to dream about finding them whole again. What is it about old bottles that draws like a magnet. Sometimes I sit with a Warners Safe Cure bottle in my hand and wonder who was drinking from it and why.
  11. K

    After 40 years !

    Wasn't it fun digging back then? I have a similar load of bottles dug in the Klondike. Too bad that the current miners are destroying all of the old dumps while mining for gold. My bottles are sitting in my garage as I moved out of the house where they were displayed. The gold rush miners...
  12. K

    More from the stream

    That is so awesome. What a treasure. The only thing better is finding nice nuggets in the riffles of your sluice box when gold mining. As an added note for us "Bottle Hounds", Now that Gold Rush is so popular in the Klondike, all the old bottle dumps are being destroyed. What a pitty.
  13. K

    old alaskan bottles

    the Mercury you found The Mercury you found was used in gold mining. Placed in the bottom of a Goldpan or in the riffles of a sluice box it latched on to any and all particles of gold. The miners would then heat the gold/Mercury until the Mercury vaporized and left all the fines(fine gold)...

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