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    Beach bottle Find - Scotland

    Randomly, I have also been at the tomb of John Paul Jones at the navy base USS Annapolis. Don't ask!
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    Beach bottle Find - Scotland

    Trout, thanks for that, I had no idea that it was used by the British! I still think that given it's wear it could be older though. My Great Grandmother lived locally and actually saw the Grand Fleet surrender. She once gave me a postcard of one of the British dreadnoughts involved, but for my...
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    Beach bottle Find - Scotland

    Trout, thanks for replying. I uploaded the pic of the swastika after my original post. It's hard to see, but it's the best pic I could take. you can see it above. I'm not even sure the germans were using the swastika in WW1, so it could be from another ship, possibly earlier, as it's very worn.
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    Beach bottle Find - Scotland

    Hi all, Hope you're well. I found this bottle last week. I've done quite a bit of research, but haven't been able to nail down any of the details that would provide more information on its age and heritage. Unfortunately, I only have about a quarter of the bottle. I dug it up at a very low...

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